Clarynaa 2013年2月14日 16時32分
I wish this game was co-op :(
My girlfriend and I both really enjoy this game, but us both playing a single player game at the same time instead of playing co-op is rather silly.
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Vincent van GOAT 2013年3月15日 8時19分 
That would be way to awesome to be true.
Chromie كرومي 2013年3月18日 14時54分 
What would be the point of co-op?
Clarynaa 2013年3月19日 13時00分 
You could co-op through the dungeons, and solo the shopkeeper part
goldenradish 2013年6月19日 18時47分 
I also wish this was co-op. The dungeon fights could be really interesting, and it would be possible to compete (in a friendly manner) with the other co-op for sales.
givecake 2013年6月20日 7時24分 
Yeh that'd be nice. But how could it work?
Zaron X 2013年6月27日 14時53分 
How would you split your items? Honestly? I can't imagine that ending civil. Not with the people I've seen playing this. Not with how I play this either.
Clarynaa 2013年6月27日 17時36分 
Um...It's called Co-Op, not matchmaking. It's hard to believe people can't imagine this after playing Diablo/Path of Exile where loot is free for all....
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