[MvP]Aknatic 2013年2月10日 8時32分
Willing to trade Dota 2 key(s) for Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale
I am willing to trade more than one Dota 2 keys for this game.
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Boy Weevil 2013年3月21日 22時38分 
Dota 2 keys are valueless.
Sterling Archer 2013年3月22日 2時05分 
Sphider Dan の投稿を引用:
Dota 2 keys are valueless.

Pretty much this.

We all have dozens of them by now...
Pan 2013年3月22日 9時50分 
People got about 13 keys for free a while back >.>
Ortzi 2013年3月22日 12時50分 
I'm willing to trade 7 DOTA 2 keys for 5 DOTA 2 keys (+1 DOTA 2 key). Giving away 3 DOTA 2 KEYS if traded during the next 30 minutes
DeathScythe 2013年3月22日 13時44分 
you can buy dota 2 keys for .03 on the market. Do some math and figure out how many of those would equal the value of Recettear.
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