AonGX2012 2013年1月30日 21時47分
ok, so i download the demo cuz i dont have enough cash to get the game, plus i want to try it out first. so i open the demo, right, and all i can do is use my up and arrow keys. it wont let me start!!! i have a pc, and so far i have been able to play demos no prob. but it wont let me load the game. all it shows me is the main menu, with the new game, options and what not. can any one help?! oh, and i already deleted and redownloaded a few times now, and still the same result....
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kadensmine 2013年1月31日 10時25分 
I had the same problem use the z key to start and the x and c to pause the game use w hope this helps you some.
AonGX2012 2013年1月31日 13時45分 
thanks!!! i ended up getting a game over in the game....kinda sucks....but ima get rid of it anyway. no need keeping the demo if i cant get the game....but maybe next time. seems really cool...
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