Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Smekenツ 2013年1月15日下午10:10
So where can I buy the infamous Store Expansion?
Someone said the Merchant Guild just below the fusion option... However there is only 'talk'. On Merchant rank 18 at the moment. Have I missed something obvious?
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dilworks 2013年1月15日下午11:59 
Odd... Mine has it. But then, on which day are you? Maybe it unlocks after certain day...
Smekenツ 2013年1月16日下午12:35 
Day 32, also checked on day 35 and 36. Nothing at all...
Falterfire 2013年1月24日下午3:10 
Store Expansions require you to hit certain merchant levels.
Smekenツ 2013年1月24日下午8:43 
I am Merchan Level 18. As what I understand that is more than enough for buying the expansion.
Chance Lo 2013年1月25日上午11:29 
This is weird. Maybe you have to unlock a few things concerning dungeons. Have you already been in a dungeon or are you only spending your time in the shop?
Smekenツ 2013年1月25日下午6:38 
I've beaten Amber Graden.
正在显示第 1 - 6 条,共 6 条留言
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