Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Chance Lo 9 jan 2013 om 10:06nm
Tear is a strong fairy
She's always busy, flying around the shop, cleaning the dust and picking up trash the customers leave, taking notes and telling you precisely if your store looks bright or dark and if it looks fancy or cheap so you know which customers will show up;

Recette on the other hand just sticks her feet up the counter, lets people come in and lets them throw money at her face.

The shop shouldn't be called Recettear, it should be called Teartear.

Plus when Recette does the only uselful thing she knows (That is to say put things on the counters), and poor Tear flies around the counter Recette wants to put an item on, then Tear is like "Yes? What is it, master?" with her eyes wide open, like "She finally talked to me..!", and Recette is like "Y0 would you please move your fairy butt, I'm trying to put things on the counters... duh!"

And you want Tear to play the role of the loan shark, eh? Screw you.
Plus, I bet you were all mad when she started pretending she was the one managing the store in front of Caillou. SHOW SOME RESPECT she's the one who REALLY manages it all. Little girls don't know business. You can't earn a living out of selling candies to grown bearded men in a store with plank walls and wooden counter. This is capitalism. Thank you Tear. Thank YOU.
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LinkTech 23 jan 2013 om 1:12nm 
SceneZombie 6 apr 2013 om 1:06nm 
Tear has all my love <3
Squidy Girl 7 apr 2013 om 2:05vm 
tear is just one of the best fariys in dess town,not like the ohter fariys that want just basic prices
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