Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

OrangeMade 2013년 5월 24일 오후 1시 00분
Difficulty of Demo vs Full game
Was it just me, or was the difficulty of the Demo harder than the full game?

It's been a long while since I played the demo, but I've seen some things in other posts that make me wonder if it wasn't just me.

Of course some of it was just learning the game.

In keeping with that, I did play the demo several times through before I actualy bought the game. The difficulty level I had was consistent across those play-throughs.

Mostly I found the difference in the dungeon. The creature AI seemed magnitudes more difficult, even on the training dungeon. The damage I could do was a lot less with the same equipment, the damage I took was more. Not to mention there were hardly any drops of any sort.

The portion of the game that was running the shop wasn't too hard, but I had a lot of requests for items that I'd not come across yet, plus even trying for a 105% profit was chancy with most everyone.

So maybe I was unlucky - but maybe not. Anyone else notice a difference?
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UnknownFox 2013년 5월 24일 오후 6시 25분 
I'll admit I had the "Is this easier?" moment but I just chalked it up to having played the demo a couple of times. Though as to be expected, didn't touch the demo after buying lol
dilworks 2013년 5월 25일 오후 10시 00분 
I didn't even finished the demo. I just pulled the MasterCard and exercised my "CAPITALISM HO" skills.

Still, the first gameplays are always tough as hell.
Haimsenberg 2013년 5월 26일 오후 11시 34분 
I believe this can be attributed to the fact that the demo was released before the 1.106 patch, which, among others, had this change:

- Corrected improperly set monster statistics in certain dungeons - this should have the effect of making the early dungeons a bit easier and the later dungeons (Obsidian Tower and beyond) more challenging, even for well-leveled, well-geared adventurers.

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