Zictren 2013年4月26日 22時00分
I need this game.....
I have waited patiently since it was 66% off because they did it just before payday, and right when payday happens... bam no longer on sale. Anyone have an idea when it will be on sale again?
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Big Dosh 2013年4月27日 10時25分 
Most likely summer sale. It might be discounted earlier, but summer sale is your best bet.
Big Dosh 2013年6月10日 14時04分 
There you go, it's 75% off right now.
Tatakae Genshijin 2013年6月10日 15時24分 
Wish I can buy it, but got no money until Friday which is too bad since this is a 1 day sale!! (Out of all the days it picked for a sale!) Anyone that wants to trade with me look at this topic - http://steamcommunity.com/app/70400/discussions/0/828936719152944185/
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