Leezeebub 8. Apr. 2013 um 7:41 Uhr
Accidentally buying from customers >_<
Is there any indicator that a customer is selling instead of buying?

I know you can read what they say but I sometimes miss it, and even when you do read it some of them are vague.

Eg (from charme) "I stole something from a guy and now he wants it back... How much for this?"

I assumed she was saying she stole it and the guy found out so now she needs to buy a replacement... But no, it turns out that the game expects you to buy openly stolen goods...

Is there any indicator on the haggle screen to say which way the transaction is going?
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Leezeebub 8. Apr. 2013 um 8:47 Uhr 
Ah! Never mind, apparently recettes text ("How much should I...?") is yellow when buying and white when selling.
dilworks 12. Apr. 2013 um 19:37 Uhr 
I still fall in those traps. It helps holding your gamepad HARD so your TV can continue living 1 or 2 days more.

Anyway, you should watch carefully your actions and those of your customers.
SnowYews [Lucina] 14. Apr. 2013 um 9:56 Uhr 
I've sometimes done that... Raise it to 130%, then realize I bought something for 130% instead of selling it. :/
sharpshard 17. Apr. 2013 um 3:37 Uhr 
lol i didnt the same
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