Ink 27 mar 2013 à 13h59
Requirements for Character Unlocks?
I just now got the little mage guy, but it has me wondering, can anyone tell me what the lowest required day is for each character unlock?
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Silly 27 mar 2013 à 15h08 
Just to note, these days are the absolute lowest possible day for each character. On a fresh file, you won't have the levels to be able to grind complete dungeons in one trip yet (unless you're amazing at dungeoning), and won't have built up the required rep with the adventurers yet to be able to get their card on their first visit into your store. So you're definitely not going to be able to hit these goals. Also, some of these goals are mutually exclusive. Unlocking Charme Day 2 will mean that you can't unlock Caillou Day 2, because dungeoning in Jade Way and beating Charme will take up all of your remaining time slots for the day.

Louie: Visit the Adventurer's Guild and complete the Hall of Trials to unlock him. Can be done as early as Day 2.

Charme: Complete Jade Way and then have her visit the store to unlock her. You can beat Jade Way the second half of Day 2 at the earliest, then have Charme visit you on the next day and give you her card.

Caillou: Event requires you to be Merchant Level 7. He will come and place an order for three items. You can either go grind for them in Jade Way, or maybe you already have them. Assuming you got lucky and found all three items Caillou wanted on the first trip into Jade Way, all you'll need to do is get to Merchant Level 7. This will take a few days, but should go by really quickly. On a New Game+ file, you will probably already have all the requirements for Caillou, and should be able to unlock him when he visits your store Day 2 or Day 3.

Tielle: Beat Amber Gardens, then have her visit your store. Can be done Day 3.

Elan: Trigger an event at the Pub after beating Jade Way, then visit the Merchant Guild the next morning and complete a delivery. Then have Elan visit your store. Can be all done by Day 4.

Nagi: Appears randomly in dungeons after Day 9. Find her 4 times then have her visit the store. Assuming during each of your dungeon trips you run into her, you can recruit her Day 11.

Griff: Trigger a bunch of scenes after beating Amber Gardens, then beat Obsidian Tower. Theoretically can all be done by around Day 6.

Arma: Complete Lapis Ruins, which will only unlock after your debt is completely paid off. Can be done the first or second day after the debt is paid off.
[PA] -Z8-> 28 mar 2013 à 5h25 
i've paid off my debt, i'm at day 120 but no lapis ruins unlocked
Ink 28 mar 2013 à 10h37 
@Sine, thanks so much!
I've hit the requirements for a few of these, having no idea when or where.
This is great help. :)
cearn 28 mar 2013 à 11h27 
PA -Z8-> a écrit :
i've paid off my debt, i'm at day 120 but no lapis ruins unlocked
You also need to have completed Obsidian Tower.
[PA] -Z8-> 28 mar 2013 à 11h50 
cearn a écrit :
PA -Z8-> a écrit :
i've paid off my debt, i'm at day 120 but no lapis ruins unlocked
You also need to have completed Obsidian Tower.
yes done that as well
b oss rush too several times
cearn 28 mar 2013 à 11h55 
Hm. Odd. Oh wait, you need to have recruited all other adventurers as well. Are you sure you didn't miss one?
rikashiku 13 jan à 20h34 
Play through the events of each character.

Like the Monkk guy who hangs out in the Town Center. Just see him in the pub at night twice and then at the Town Center in the afternoon or whenver it was. Then he will visit the shop and if he likes you enough, he gives you his card.

Tielle has to be met in Town center looking for her sister and then beaten in a fight in Amber Garden.
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