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Lanistra 2013年3月22日上午4:45
No Sound Xonar Series Soundcard
Hi I have a Xonar Series Soundcard and no sound in game. I read about deactivating GX, but this did not work for me. I hope anyone has another good idea.
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uran 1月2日下午5:17 
Did you ever get it to work?
Lanistra 1月3日上午3:07 
Nope. But I haven't tried in a while. Sorry, Bro.
uran 1月3日上午3:23 
So I got mine working, here was my problem:

Success! So here was my problem: I have an external sound card that I use to produce music, the only thing I had to do was to turn it off and disable all other playback devices.
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