SodaSeven 2013年3月22日 2時48分
How do i stack & Unstack items?
Such as ingredients?
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SHODAN 2013年3月22日 21時16分 
You don't. If they are llisted seperately, they are different. Why does nobody notice the difference between, say, Slime Fluid x 2 and Slime Fluid + 2?
SodaSeven 2013年3月23日 0時03分 
I have noticed the difference. What i am talking about is when i purchase say 5 apples, each take up an entire slot. Is this by design? Because i think i have found applies mid-mission that are stacked and don't take up multiple slots, hence me being confused.

Also- why do +2's not add base sale value?

Bell-force 1! 2013年3月23日 11時26分 
Materials stack, everything else does not.
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