Inwoods 2013年11月7日 18時40分
My pix keep reseting to zero (0)
Not sure how else to say it. I keep noticing it in dungeons, most recently after a quick zip through the starter dungeon on day 13. After a simple sale, I went back up from zero to 8k pix even. I am losing quite a bit of pix this way.

Is there a cost to running dungeons, or something that steals from you?
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Rev'lanth 2013年11月7日 19時49分 
When hiring an adventurer you must pay his/her fee. It increases as they level up but can be reduced by reaching certain merchant level.
Inwoods 2013年11月7日 20時18分 
Ahh, thanks. Didn't see that quote in the UI anywhere. Odd that it would go to flat zero. Will Louie just always go for whatever you have?
SanguineTear 2013年11月8日 9時34分 
Louie is special in that he will always be willing togo with you, even if you are flat broke, so if you do not have enough for his fee then you will end up with 0pix but he will still go with you whereas other adventurers would not be willing to go.
Inwoods 2013年11月8日 21時11分 
Herp derp, I noticed the price later. Thanks for the help all!
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