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Great Aether! 24 dic 2013, ore 11:12
Is iit possible to save???
If so, (which I imagine you can but I only had time to play for nearly an hour) where and how do you save?
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currypunch 24 dic 2013, ore 11:27 
Press w, then go to save. It could only be in the store though.
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Great Aether! 24 dic 2013, ore 11:35 
currypunch 24 dic 2013, ore 13:42 
No prob!
magicks 24 dic 2013, ore 17:01 
I'm pretty sure you can save in the store and in the town map. Otherwise I don't know.
Great Aether! 24 dic 2013, ore 19:06 
Yes that's right.
reeniko 24 dic 2013, ore 23:41 
hitting escape works too
Great Aether! 25 dic 2013, ore 0:17 
sure does! Haha basically you can save anywhere too. Why can't all JRPG's be like this? jeeeez
dilworks 26 dic 2013, ore 18:15 
If you use a gamepad, hit whatever key you have mapped to Start (remember: custom.exe) - this opens the in-game menu where you can... well, save.

Also be aware of the following:
- You can only save at the store or in a dungeon. Not on the town map, and IIRC, not on the market/Adventurers' Guild/elsewhere.
- When saving on a dungeon, game will warn you that it will save your game as it was before entering the dungeon. To put it in another way: you cannot save your progress inside a dungeon, hoping to take the remainder of that quest later! (If you're in a hurry and need to suddenly quit the game in a middle of a quest, you have no option but to abort that quest)
SanguineTear 26 dic 2013, ore 20:30 
You can also save in dungeons however it won't record your progress in the dungeon, it will save your game in the state it was right before you entered. Handy if you forgot to save in town and are about to watch your adventurer get reduced to mush.
magicks 26 gen 2014, ore 19:39 
@dilworks you can save on the town map. Just go to the map, hit escape, and save.
Haykil 29 gen 2014, ore 1:06 
Press the Esc key. And then select the Save option in order to save your progress.
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