Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

jedi936 23. pro. 2013 v 6.20 odp.
The demo doesn't work!
Any help? The main menu comes up, but none of the buttons work.
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SanguineTear 23. pro. 2013 v 7.04 odp. 
My guess is you probably are not using the right ones. Z is confirm, X is cancel/go back. You have to use the arrow keys to navigate the menus and within the game; the mouse is not used in Recettear. There is a configuration tool you can launch by right clicking the demo/game in your library, it will let you tweak the controls to your liking.
Spinkick 9000 24. pro. 2013 v 1.58 dop. 
Run the config first, then run the game.
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