Syniez 2013年12月20日上午12:24
No sound/music, not Asus Xonar.
So I'm having trouble getting any sound from this game with Realtek HD speakers - running a win7 64bit.
The mp3 files alone work just fine, but when I run the game, the audio mixer doesn't even display any sort of sound output.
Game settings are all at default.
All my other applications run completely normally, including other games on my Steam.
Running the game directly from the directory on Administrator mode doesn't seem to help either.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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uran. 1月2日下午5:16 
Did you ever get it working?
Syniez 1月2日下午9:05 
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Did you ever get it working?
From your post I see you've done most of the stuff I already tried. Try right clicking the Speaker icon on the taskbar and go to Playback Devices. If you see a device called Digital Audio, disable it and see what happens.
Also, check your folder with the game files. Are any of the files in the bgm folder corrupted/not working?
uran. 1月3日上午3:23 
So I got mine working, here was my problem:

Success! So here was my problem: I have an external sound card that I use to produce music, the only thing I had to do was to turn it off and disable all other playback devices.
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