Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Torgaddon 2014年5月7日下午9:34
What is the best strategy?
I am wondering how other the game.

Do you complete a dungeon or just the 5 floors? Do you have days where you sell or do you plan out that each day?

I have a day in the dungeons and wandering around town and a day in teh shop selling whatever I can get a hold of. I only complete 5 levels of the dungeon though.
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Ignore the dungeon entirely, buy everything from the guild and the market, sell low to keep your combos going and rack up customer loyalty and experience, pay off the debt with over 3mil to spare.
If you aren't into dungeon delving, stick with Puzzlemint's strategy.

For me, I usually go dungeon to get stuff to sell. Items from dungeons are always sold at 100% profit, but most of the items aren't worth selling, such as Ingredients, which drops the most, since very few townsfolk would buy them unless they are on the Showcase at the window.

Townsfolk generally is enough to fund your business, but you can unlock playable characters as the story progresses, and as you move on to the newer dungeons. These playable characters will also be your customers, as you would have noticed Louie showing up in your shop a few times already.

In the case that you don't want to be spoilt in anything, I suggest progressing with dungeon, but make sure you are able to keep your debts paid on time.

Dungeons are closed on Sundays, so use that day to sell all your stuff. Keep an eye out for Booms, they are great ways to earn quick cash and customer reputation.

Capitalism, ho!
Waypoint 2014年5月8日下午11:22 
Puzzlemint's advice keeps you so far in the black that you can usually go dungeoning a few times a week at the very least, if not daily. But they're abysmal for profit -- even the bonus dungeon in the postgame nearly always gives less profit-per-time than just buying and selling the highest tier of merchant goods that you could unlock by week three.

The key thing to realize is that customers' wallets grow tremendously the first couple times you gain a rep level with them, and they only gain rep points if you make a sale without haggling (and three times as fast if you sell in the 104-107% area). After two levels -- the heart over their heads -- almost anyone coming to the store will be able to afford the highest tier of stock, and even little girls will be casually dropping five figures.

So yeah, the tutorial lied to you.
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SanguineTear 2014年5月9日下午12:15 
Yeah as everyone said above the dungeon is not the way to go if your primary interest is success in your shop. Pretty much just do it for fun and to get a little more story if you want to; otherwise it just wastes way too much time for little payoff, especially early on when you can hardly carry anything in the dungeons.
There's one reason to go to the second dungeon (i.e. the first "real" dungeon, after the training dungeon): At the end of it, if you beat the boss on 15F, there is a Very Odd Vase that's a guaranteed drop.

Speedruns of the game make use of this.
Waypoint 2014年5月10日下午2:13 
Well yeah. It's also useful early in the first week when you can't afford much stock yet.

But seriously, after you beat Jade Way once, dungeons are there for when you're already ahead.
sell vending machines in your vending machines. More hilarity, when they ask for metal things and there is a price spike for metal things, sell them tons of vending machines.
sell vending machines in your vending machines.

Pretty sure they patched that out. It was an easy half-mil a day, though, back when it was legit.
did they? i'm still managing to sell them I think? lemme check.
EDIT: Managed to sell 3 vending machines via vending machines, you sure they actually patched this?
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Waypoint 2014年5月28日下午9:00 
Yo dawg, my vending machines are still vending vending machines.

I guess it's possible EGS patched it in the version they sell themselves, but the one they run through Steam missed that memo.
Torgaddon 2014年5月30日下午6:13 
I cant believe how easy this makes the game!

You really dont need the dungeons at all.
B. 2014年6月20日下午10:08 
This advice really helped, thanks
Mitchi 2014年6月21日下午9:48 
Basically Puzzlemint's advice. Also try to pay attention to the items that are 'popular' and shove those in your storefront window. Keep an eye on what each type of customer likes (little girls like sweets and books iirc). The better the customer loyalty, the more money they'll have to spend. I got by with only giving things a 10% markup at most, most of the time, unless the market price was up.

If you're going for new game plus, buy as much crap as you can because items carry over but money does not.
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