el_platanator 2014年4月22日下午6:18
Waifu Wednesday!!
twitch.tv/el_platanator, every wednesday for the next month I will be playing this game! I never played it before and wanted to see if the community has any tips and tricks to make me look good playing this game
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Cris 2014年4月22日下午7:07 
Ummm, there are plenty tips and tricks about this game on this forum; even I wrote some:

(1) At the beginning focus on dungeons, try to collect all the stuff you can. But do not go to dungeon at the first hour of the day, otherwise you will lose a chance to open your store in the morning.
(2) Start selling cheap things, nothing expensive. Since your reputation is low, no one will buy you that expensive vase (you won on early game, at 2nd dungeon), even if you sell that for 50% off. Sell your stuff at 107% and buy the stuff at 70%, so you can build reputation.
(3) Try to sell your stuff at the first try (if your bargain, you will break your experience combo of your merch level)
(4) Do not rush on selling expensive items, just store them. If you have some surplus, buy items and store them. Wait for them to be red and sell them from not less than 250%. For example, if the price of the swords raised, take all your items and sell them all, you will get a great profit. Never ever put something expensive for sale at the beginning: wait to build some reputation and sell them when they are red.
(5) If you got some extra money, do not hesitate to buy red items (even if they are slightly overpriced), because you might sell them for much more!
(6) Known your costumers: Little girls and housewife are poor.

"Red items": the price of the certain kind of item (for example: swords) increased.
"Blue items": same that above, but decreased.
"Merch level": anytime you buy/sell something, your merch level will go up, which will benefit you on many ways.

Good luck.
GendarmeOfficer 2014年4月23日上午9:09 
I would suggest studying the Recettear Wiki's articles on pricing guides, customer reputation, etc. to get an idea of what you should be doing in the early game. As long as you build up your Merchant Level and get good reputations with customer early on, you shouldn't have too many issues with the main game.
el_platanator 2014年4月23日上午10:05 
thank you very much
Quint Fin E Ld Si 2014年4月27日上午10:03 
FYI the customers budgets are known quantities that people have found exact numbers for. Use them if you so choose, but you should be conscious that part of the game seems to be guessing people's budgets (and possibly failing a bit in the process), as the game doesn't tell you what they are and only gives subtle hints.

(also, why "waifu"?)
最后由 Quint Fin E Ld Si 编辑于; 2014年4月27日上午10:05
el_platanator 2014年4月27日下午3:34 
why not?
Quint Fin E Ld Si 2014年4月27日下午3:47 
Maybe it's the people I hang out with, but I thought that, more often than not, it has a negative meaning.
el_platanator 2014年4月27日下午3:57 
it doesn't. a waifu is an anime or kawaii charicter that you would marry
Quint Fin E Ld Si 2014年4月27日下午4:48 
Yeah, exactly that -- I've seen too many people on the internet who don't take particularly kindly to the notion of marrying a fictional character.

Oh well, whatever. Never mind me.
el_platanator 2014年4月27日下午5:20 
haha there are many people on the internet, remember that
Cris 2014年4月27日下午6:06 
Just people without life could harass someone on the internet just because they marry or date a fictional character. The difference between one and the other, is that the first one are annoying.
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