DeathJohnson 29. kesä 17.38
Quick Question About Last Dungeon
Don't want to look on the wiki because there are pretty much countless spoilers and no warnings on there, so I thought I would just ask here. Without spoiling anything, does Crystal Nightmare have any plot or anything in it? Or is it just a dungeon for people to play who hate themselves and wish to submit to endless torture?

I got to 9 floors on there where nothing really happened, but only one of those floors had a floor effect that was tolerable.
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SanguineTear 29. kesä 18.11 
Yeah there is no story associated with it.
StepUpSenpai 29. kesä 18.13 
yes, crystal nightmare doesn't have to do with the plot of the game, is just to get the best weapons in the game
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DeathJohnson 29. kesä 18.50 
Enemies and such all stay the same difficulty in New Game+ right? I might just have to try it then, when some of my characters get maxed stats and I have way more money for an absurd amount of healing items.
SanguineTear 1. heinä 15.42 
Yup, there is no change to enemy difficulty in NG+ so you'll be good.
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