DeathJohnson 6月25日 8時46分
Is there a way to check whether someone is buying or selling an item?
Usually, it's pretty obvious, based on what the person says and what message you get on top of the price setter, but there have been a couple occasions I skimmed through their text without really reading it, and the message on top doesn't clarify it, and it's an item I have on sale.

I think once I've bought something at a high price because I thought I was selling it, and once I've sold something at a low price because I thought I was buying it, so it isn't a huge issue, but if there's a way to check, it would help.
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Quint the Electric Catfish 6月25日 8時58分 
If they're trying to sell something back to you, there's a different message, and I think the text is yellow instead of white.
NeonBuddha 6月26日 15時27分 
I haven't noticed it. I usually check item details though. Its just important to pay attention when the approach you. The text they give is informative.
Quint the Electric Catfish 6月26日 17時18分 
Sometimes, Arma is not particularly informative.
DeathJohnson 6月26日 17時29分 
The text color is definitely the best way to make sure, and I didn't even notice it was different until I made this, so, thanks for that.

This game is ridiculously dangerously addictive though, I've only started playing it a few days ago and I'm already over 20 hours, and whenever I go off of the game I read some information on the Wiki that makes me want to jump right back into it.

I'm being completely unproductive lately because of this, well, at least I have an idea for a video I can make on this game for my YouTube channel. But I can't even get started on it until I unlock all of the adventurers, and the dungeons are taking so long to go through now.
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