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babylegs_mcgee 2012年10月4日 14時07分
steam workshop
since vvvvvv has a level editer i think it should be on the steam workshop what do you think
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Sphøtof 2012年10月13日 10時26分 
Probably :D
Zandoon Altizar 2012年10月14日 12時26分 
no because its already got a level player
Crazy Hamster 2012年10月15日 7時42分 
Zandoon Altizar の投稿を引用:
no because its already got a level player
Yes, but it would be easier to get to the levels. Downloading random levels from the internet and putting them in a folder is very unorganized and there's also the risk of the occasional virus. Steam Workshop would make levels easier to find and download.
Bert Macklin, FBI 2012年11月5日 13時45分 
Steam Workshop uses the Share ability! Its super effective!
Shitney Poopstin 2012年11月15日 16時10分 
Foxhack 2012年11月29日 20時02分 
It should, but considering the dev has already abandoned the game, forget about it.

intok 2013年3月5日 17時23分 
I'll also vote for it being in the workshop. Theres no reason that any game with built in moddong shouldn't be part of workshop.
Bionic Fire 2013年3月30日 13時03分 
It really should use steam workshop
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