krayzie202 Jun 14 @ 5:33am
Screen Issue
I'm havning a screen issue where in full screen it cuts off the bottom and the right side of the map. In windowed mode i can see everything but the mouse curser goes to the task bar instead of the bottom of the screen. I know i'm not the only one waiting on an update that was suppose to come out last week. But hey all i can do is either the issue gets resolved and keeps updated or I attempt to get my money back for a broken game.
I play on a TV 1920X1080 47"
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exosyphen  [developer] Jun 15 @ 4:19am 
A big update should be out shortly and fix this issue.
krayzie202 Jun 15 @ 6:58am 
Can you give an ETA?
exosyphen  [developer] Jun 17 @ 3:38am 
Weekend, hopefully
krayzie202 Jun 22 @ 7:50am 
Well Its sunday and nothing. Still getting the same issue
exosyphen  [developer] Jun 22 @ 10:36am 
Still working on it ... I rewrote most of the graphics engine to make it more robust.
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