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THE VETERAN Sep 9, 2013 @ 3:54pm
Alternate weapons ideas
Hi devs!

i bring you a list of weapons that could be in dino d day,if you have a idea for dino d day like a: map,weapon,new dino, new human etc live it in the comments

Jack hardgrave:johnson1941 rifle
props:10%more damage
cons:20%less acurracy

Joe spencer:united defense m42,ppsh-41,satchel charge(alternate of sticks)
united defense m42:
props:10%more faster by using this gun ,stamina recharge 5%more faster10%jump more higher
cons:20%less health by carry this gun

props:20%more clip capacibility
cons:10%less damage

nigel:double barreled shotgun,,tabun gas

double barreled shotgun:
props:10%more damage at close range
cons:2clip capaciblity

tabun gas:
props:can stun enemies putting there screen green and moving and they walk more slower
cons:5 seconds cooldown

props;20%more accuracy,5%faster reload
cons:20%less damage
props:10%more damge
cons 10%less clip capaciblity
l'vaccin:these is a new features
(this is alternate weapon with health kits)l'vaccin camille will have like a big injection that when she press click left she can inject teamates when camille gets 1000 heal points in one life in the right corner will be like a picture of a injection thats says 3 you can inject 3 teamates but if you press f you can inject youre self if you die you loss it and have to get it againwhen she dont haveit the 1000 points the picture of the injections on the right corner will will be empty
effects the l'vaccin:the effects are that please tell if i right in wiki i see that every character have 100 helth one shot from the l'vaccin cause that youre patient have 500 health but then the effects gone after 20 seconds it can be reduced by i alot of enemy fire all kills that get the 3 patient or whatever will be a assist of camille in the effects of the vaccine the liquid inside the injection will be green,enemy will now that there are in l'vaccin because in there feet there like pomping a green gas or light like berserk blue thing

llona vike:ptrs41,crossbow ,double duel nagant m1895g

props: can penetrate player (this way you can do double kills and multikills with one bullet)
cons:20%less health

crossbow:will be like a medieval crossbow
props:20%more damage,nigel can shoot lona arrow and it on fire and deals double damage,headshots insatant kills
cons:10%less accuracy

nagant m1895g:basicly llona have 2 revolver right click you shoot with the right revolver and you shoot the left revolver with left click
props:duel revolver
cons:10%less damage

jacob:flintlock gun,dp-28,signal flares,ammo box

effective at all types of ranges(deals the damage of the flechette gun of jacob but at long range)

props:20%more acurracy using the bipod(these gun will use a bipod that pressing e in some covers will be put and will be more accurate)
cons:20%less accuracy with out the bipod
signal flares:
enemys will not see at that direction of the signal flare becuase the light its to high and if they get close they will get stun,also can make light in some dark places
cons:15 seconds cooldown then its gone jacob will carry 3

ammo box :sometimes in combat you have to run to your spawn to get more bullets not anymore jacob will have a a big box that if you get close will give 2 little boxes of ammunition
cons:it disaper in one minute can be destroy it with 2-3 shots it artanate to signal flares and granades
carl hissman:bounty betty will be altarnet to granades he will have two
stygi:flametrower(he will have a sentry flametrower but the difference of nigels and stygi its that stygi flametrower the range its more short its for close encounteers
props :can shoot fire
cons:only close range
kurt streicher:lisle carbine

thanks for listenning and let me know what you think :)
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Sajin Raccoon Sep 10, 2013 @ 12:55pm 
They all seem like great ideas. I especially like the flintlock pistol for Jakob as well as the tabun gas for Nigel.
I'd like to see some more expansion on the Axis side too though.
Ideally, I'd like there to be at least one alternate for every piece of equipment in the game.
Stan The Man Sep 15, 2013 @ 10:10pm 
Whatever the devs do, they absolutely MUST add a G43 in either this game or the sequel. I mean, a standard K98 has very nice power, but the bolt action can be a major disadvantage. With a G43, you may have less power, but the semi automatic action more than makes up for it.
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