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DeadWire 2012年11月5日 8時07分
Running better in windows 8
Just reinstalled the game in my upgraded rig and its running a bit smoother than it did in Win7....which is surprising as this is a fairly old game
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PC_ARCADE 2012年11月5日 13時58分 
I wish :( I can;t even get it to run - Just says "Failed to start - App already running" :(
DeadWire 2012年11月5日 18時05分 
Really? I have not even had to change any compatibility settings.......perhaps its a hardware issue, I have a core i5 Ivy and a GTX 560 ti sli setup myself
Tomb_Raider_Legend (t.A.T.u) 2012年11月6日 12時03分 
cmon TRL isnt like these new COD or BF games it runs smoothly enough in any kind of windows :) just dont use a real old pc to play it on!
DeadWire 2012年11月6日 14時24分 
you would be surprised how even a minor OS change like the one from Vista to 7 (90% the same things running under the hood) can break game compatibility.....just look at Fallout 3
DeadWire 2012年11月6日 17時52分 
I found PC_ARCADE's problem......I think.....DON'T put this game in ANY compatibility mode that causes the "application already running" bug. The game runs fine under the default settings anyway
PC_ARCADE 2012年12月8日 3時26分 
Unfortunately that doesn't work for me, it's not the only game it's happening with either, I think a complete re install of windows might be the only way to fix it :(
DeadWire 2012年12月8日 20時23分 
It could be your hardware....what are you running?
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PC_ARCADE 2012年12月9日 2時28分 
I should be OK:

Q6600 @ 3.4
4Gb ram

I've reinstalled windows 8 fresh as well and it's the same :(
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DeadWire 2012年12月9日 16時32分 
hmmm.... the only thing I can say is to check your drivers I have no idea why it runs fine for me and a couple of my friends and not you with this pc
PC_ARCADE 2012年12月11日 4時25分 
Weird isn't it? I'm having all sorts of problem with lots of games since moving to Windows 8 - there's something about my system steam really doesn't like, games that work fine for others won't start for me.

I think I might have to drop back to windows 7, which I don't really want to do - maybe waiting a while to see if things improve
DeadWire 2012年12月12日 5時06分 
Out of the 70+ games I have tested only one (Septerra core) does not work on 8 but ran in 7 and this leads me to think your problem is Hardware/Driver related..... make double sure your drivers are up to date and maybe try out beta drivers on your GPU before downgrading back to 7
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PC_ARCADE 2012年12月15日 6時35分 
My drivers are up to date and I'm running the latest beta's for my GTX460 - I am going to see if I can sort out the problems with the games I have before dropping back to 7. I'll give it a couple of months
DarthSidious666 2013年2月14日 10時15分 
PC_ARCADE の投稿を引用:
I wish :( I can;t even get it to run - Just says "Failed to start - App already running" :(

Windows 8 does have a habit of not closing programs properly, use Task Manager to exit the program, exit Steam and reload Steam, verify the game cache and try again.

Sometimes files can be missing.

Let me know what happens.
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tmonahan23 2013年2月23日 15時36分 
What i found with the demo is to not have Steam active or running in background. Then I would click to play from desktop and the Demo played. downloading the Full version see if I get any crashes like you guys. I hope any issues get fixed
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