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Sir Galahad 2013年1月27日 16時07分
360 controller sensitivity settings?
All the buttons are mapped perfectly, only problem is looking left and right is WAYYY too sensitive. Like you just tap right and the camera is already turned 180 degrees. And up/down isnt sensitive enough. Anyone know where those ini settings are where you can change it? Thanks.
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Tomb_Raider_Legend (t.A.T.u) 2013年1月28日 9時00分 
Have you checked in the controll menu in settings?
Sir Galahad 2013年1月28日 22時22分 
The game only partially supports gamepads. It'll recognize it, but the buttons are only mapped to the corresponding keyboard characters, etc. So there are no controller settings in the menu, only keyboard settings. It would have to be somewhere hidden in the data, not part of the game ui.... I guess ill just deal with it, its not that annoying i guess.
[] Nib 2013年4月4日 15時42分 
Noticed this problem as well, but I got used to it. Seems like thats the only way. =/
Rallymen007 2013年4月22日 21時56分 
Try to force VSync or in some way lower your framerate. I noticed that aiming was much slower with high def content on than off. Probably a left over of the console version (that had a constant framerate)
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