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spacedraptor Feb 2, 2014 @ 2:26pm
Tomb Raider Legend Vs Tomb Raider 2013
Am i the only one or does anybody else think that Legend is a much better game than the reboot of the series. Yeah graphics are better & we have a deeper survival progession in tomb raider, but i think there was more variety in legend & for me is still one of the best Tomb Raider games, Who else agrees? or disagrees??
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Samael Feb 2, 2014 @ 2:32pm 
I didn't really play the new one. My personal dislike for some of things in the new one aside, I'm not even sure why it's called TR, from all the accounts heard, and the gameplay videos seen, Uncharted - the female version seems more accurate.
MarsUp [FR] Feb 3, 2014 @ 12:00am 
Try both and you will understand quickly that one of them does not take the player for a child of 8 years.
spacedraptor Feb 3, 2014 @ 1:54am 
Not sure what that means, all i know is that there is more variety of gameplay in Legend & that as an experiance i enjoy it more. I have played both games, i think that the puzzles are easier in the reboot if that was your point :-)
Originally posted by MarsUp FR:
Try both and you will understand quickly that one of them does not take the player for a child of 8 years.
I totaly agree. Tomb Raider: Legend was made 7 years ago. And of cource I stil prefer the Legend verion than the 2013.
spacedraptor Feb 3, 2014 @ 2:40pm 
i may do a youtube video on this subject seems i'm not alone with this sentiment.

Originally posted by Tomb_Raider_Legend (t.A.T.u):
I totaly agree. Tomb Raider: Legend was made 7 years ago. And of cource I stil prefer the Legend verion than the 2013.
Well sure, however Legend is getting too old now because of Anniversary, Underworld and 2013
Arashenstein Feb 13, 2014 @ 2:28am 
i played all tomb raider games except the very first ones, and if you ask me i would say all of them suck except Legend because legend is truely a LEGEND. the problem i played all TR games is, cause my first TR was Legend and i cant say how much i fell in love with this game due to boss fights and puzzles and level design the graphics never gets old for me i even rather to play this game with "next gen option" off because i can see Lara out fit getting wet after each Dive. i played TR2013 and finished it in the first day and to me it was the MOST let down ever that game only had graphics and nothing else it was Farcry 3 in 3rd person view. no boss fights or anything.....

Oh and why do i say all of them suck except legend. well i played anniversary the first level was awesome but the rest was boring as hell, no enemies no scary moments like in legend and too LONG levels. why i hate underworld? who doesnt ? all boss fights are cut scenes in underworld and that you can change your equipment anytime in the field just makes it worse. oh and one more thing to mention, no puzzles at all....

However i really loved Lara and the gaurdian of light because it felt like playing Legend in different view as it has boss fights and too much puzzles and same soundtracks from legend.
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spacedraptor Feb 13, 2014 @ 2:07pm 
Good games for me are like good music they stand the test of time. Legend is one of those games, graphics may get old, like sound recording changes. good games are timeless like good music.
Originally posted by Tomb_Raider_Legend (t.A.T.u):
Well sure, however Legend is getting too old now because of Anniversary, Underworld and 2013
Woke™ Mar 13, 2014 @ 2:43pm 
Originally posted by Arashenstein:
bla bla bla blasphemy bla bla

Legend is actually the worst title in the series. It's completely linear, contrived and you're constantly under hand-holding. Atleast the new one offers some form of exploration, but it's too melodramatic and suffers from ludonarrative dissonance. On it's own merrits it's a really good game, and being a prologue you cannot judge it for not being a tomb raider game since it happened prior to the old games. However, if they continue down this path it does really need a new name.

What i can't really take is saying the first games suck. Tomb Raider, the actual tomb raider from '95 (stop revamping old names games industry) is the best in the series, with TR 2 a close runner up. Especially when you play it for the first time you're really looking allover the place to find that damn switch to continue and 3D controls being in the early stages offered their own difficultycurve +). From number 4 (last revalation) it went along with the "dumbing down" spiral every ♥♥♥♥ing series got and it featured toturials and it offered nothing new. Numbers 5 and 6 were just plain bad. Anniversary stayed somewhat true to the old game, with the only exception being the damn obligatory QTE sections. But they're atleast very scarce. Legend... it suffered from bugs, was incredibly linear and way too damn easy with combat being even worse than the original tomb raider games. The only "new" tomb raider that was half-way decent and true to the genre was "underworld". But my love for the series is still with the first 2 games, and anniversary for essentially being a remake of the first.
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Ace de Ignis Mar 29, 2014 @ 9:19pm 
I never played the first Tomb Raider games on the PS 1, but I do now a few who have played them and they love the first game. I've played Legend, I loved it, it had a nice mix of everything (Motorbikes, tomb raiding, secret agent-ing and artifacts to boot). The biggest thing that I am just realising as well, is that the new reboot Tomb Raider expects you to pay for all Lara's fancy skins, whilst say in Legend, you could unlock them as you go along/ time trial runs etc, but there is no option for that in the new reboot, which I find very disappointing. I don't wanna pay extra for a change in clothes, especially since in the last few games, outfit changes have been a natural part of it. They were earned as you played the corresponding sections for them.

I quite enjoyed the new Tomb Raider, first game in a while that I went to the effort of hunting down everything I could to get that little 100% on my map. As a reboot I was afraid the game would be really crappy, but it ended up better than I expected. Although I think my whole way of thinking through the game was "Man, Lara never catches a break." It was just one bad thing after another. Anyhow..

My only disappointment in Legend was that they never delved much more into Lara's parents, and that side of her. I quite liked the angle they took, but they never really followed through with it into Underworld. Overall I loved Legend, and I'll miss that style of play.
LosBlancos1902 Mar 29, 2014 @ 9:32pm 
Legend is my favorite Tomb Raider. The main reason I like it more than the new one is the puzzles. The reboot also takes itself too seriously. I don't like that in an adventure game. Hopefully the next one will deliver the same cheeky dual-pistol wielding Lara and Croft manor along with some great archeological puzzles. Bring back the spirit of the series :/
Samael Mar 29, 2014 @ 10:08pm 
Originally posted by LosBlancos1902:
Hopefully the next one will deliver the same cheeky dual-pistol wielding Lara and Croft manor along with some great archeological puzzles. Bring back the spirit of the series :/
Doubtful, too many people like the new one. Hell, so many of them , that they feel confident enough to sell a texture pack as a brand new game.
Mar 30, 2014 @ 9:20am 
This is by far one of my favorites of the series. The new remake was nice and all with it's survival system, tombs to explore and dynamic combat system, but its story was pretty lackluster to me.

Legend had everything I was looking for and more! I prefer the previous TR games like this one, where Lara is an unstoppable force with her dual pistols, and nothing ever stops her from reaching her goal or getting what she wants (just look at the final cutscene of Legend... that is some powerful pursuasion!).

I didn't mind in the reboot that Lara was weak, couldn't climb mountains with her bare hands, or couldn't do triple flips down stairs (so much fun in Underworld), but the game overall wasn't what I was looking for in a TR game. It's graphically pretty and institutes some new features... but that's about it.

Legend will forever remain my most memorable TR experience. In fact, it's time I played though it again on PC.
Bishop Knight Apr 15, 2014 @ 11:04pm 
I love the story in Legend. I was hooked from the beginning. I wanted to know more. Anniversary brought the first game (my favorite) to current gen hardware. I always liked the Atlantis story and Natala as the main enemy. She was the Emperor Palpatine of Tomb Raider. And Amanda Evert was the Vader, with the whole good girl gone bad from the influence of an evil force. And then Underworld brought all those elements together with the best graphics to date.

I think Underworld would have worked better, story wise, if they had broke it up into two games and fleshed out some of the connections between the different cultures. I also didn't like her finding her mother all messed up. It could have ended with Avalon being a heaven like place with her mother there.

I also like the addition of Zip and Alister. Alister was the C3PO of Tomb Raider. The conversations they had about legends and cultures was great. In all the pre-2013 reboot games Lara was strong, confident, witty, acrobatic, very feminine and attractive and very sophisticated. She knew her stuff. The scene where the plane is crashing in the Himalayan mountains shows she was fearless and confident very early on, with the “I don't want to close my eyes.” line. Classic Lara. And then her knowledge of cultures and archeology when she studies the stones shows that her expensive education and curiosity helped shape her into a great adventurer. She was a female version of James Bond and Indiana Jones with acrobatic moves. The sound tracks for LAU was by far the best Tomb Raider soundtracks to date. And lets not forget Keeley Hawes voice acting. She gave Lara's personality that James Bond sophistication.

:( I need to stop talking about this because it's reminding me that CD pandering to the anti-Tomb Raider and anti-CD/Core only crowd has ruined a good thing they set up in the LAU series. I never asked for a more “realistic” and “relatable” Lara Croft. I wanted the high adventure, puzzle solving, very non-ordinary, well educated and sophisticated Lara. And what about exploring what happened to Tihocan and Qualopec. The empty tomb and the statue of Qualopec? Where did they go? Avalon? Did Natala lie about what Avalon was and was that a doppelganger of her mother gone wrong? There was so much ground laid for a great, on-going, adventure after LAU. Then the CD haters complaining killed it. Add to it that Square/Enix wanted to pander to the anti-TR crowd because they wanted only AAA titles and we get TR reboot. Time to go play through the classics and LAU. Like Pacman and Galaga, a good game will stand the test of time.
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spacedraptor Apr 28, 2014 @ 2:28pm 
Some very interesting and valid comments good to meet all you tomb raider fans
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