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Half-Life : Speedrun Tips and Series Anthology *SPOILERS*
by The Vhampster
Need help playing Half-Life 1? Put on your HEV suit and read this guide! This guide will cover basic speedrunning information about Half Life, a supplementary guide to get through the game as fast as possible WITHOUT cheating of course and shared moment...
Soluzione Half Life
by crios92
Guida completa e dettagliata per superare ogni capitolo del gioco....
How to install GO MOD (not gmod!)
Hello this is the guide is for Installig GO-MOD...
Modelos Ultra Definition (UD) y texturas detalladas para Half-Life
by Raskaipika
Esta guía permite instalar en Half-Life, modelos Ultra Definition y texturas detalladas, lo que mejora mucho la apariencia gráfica del juego. Los modelos Ultra Definition, los ha creado el grupo "Trusty Crowbar" , os dejo el enlace a su página...
How to change your crosshairs.
by Stu Pidaso
This will show you how to change your crosshairs....
Bunnyjump in Half-Life - Step by step
Hello there, I'm here to explain why and how to use Bunnyjump in this awesome game. Indeed, there are a lot of advantages to practice it. But for the moment, we've to make a few things. Are you ready to jump over 9,000 ? You're welcome !...
Expansión y traducción "Half-Life: Decay" Español 100% Textos y voces
by Raskaipika
Esta guía permite instalar y traducir el port para PC de la expansión "Half-Life: Decay" al castellano de España, incluyendo textos y voces. Jugar con modelos originales de Half-Life o anteriores a los HD. Jugar online mediante steamworks ...
Half-Life 101
by EnjoyCoke
Half-Life 101. The basics, and why you're now the happiest person alive. Spoiler alert! ...
Demo Recording
by Gulltoppr
Demo recording is a game feature which allows the player to record in-game footage into lightweight .dem files. This feature is widely used by many players as it does not stress the game at all and the created files don't take a lot of HDD space, so they...
Writing a Custom Userconfig File
by Stu Pidaso
Writing a custom userconfig file to change variables....
Como instalar mods
by Lérier
Este guia mostra como instalar mods de Half Life não encontrados na Steam!...
Port demo oficial "Half-Life Uplink" Español 100% Textos y voces
by Raskaipika
Esta guía permite instalar y traducir el port a Steam de la demo oficial de Half-Life conocida como "Half-Life Uplink" al castellano de España, incluyendo textos y voces. *Jugar en Steam a Half-Life Uplink. *Tener la demo oficial en la biblioteca de...
Half-Life Decay Coop "MOD" Español
by WolfBelmi88
Descargar Half-Life Decay MOD Español. Como Instalar y jugar en red....
The guide to killing things
by Simmons (Waste)
Ever wonder the most efficent way to kill the various aliens and soilders of Half life? Well Ill explain how to kill them the easiest way possible....
Guide to Improving Latency on International Servers in Under 15 minutes
by Tabris: [Aussie Gamers]
Step 1: Install the UDP Latency Hotfox for Vista / Windows 7 - - Only do this if you're not using Symantec Endpoint Security, as there is a patch to this hotfix for those running Symantec Endpoi...
Making and applying Icons and Grid Images to steam for Half-Life mods
by Cyber_DemiGod
Some mods you put in the steam folder of Half-Life don't show icons in the library? But they have icons in their folders? This guide will explain why, and will show you how to easily turn those icons the mod came with into something steam will recognize, ...
How to Tau jump
by Stu Pidaso
Short video explaining how to use the Tau gun to jump....
Joystick (axis) use in Half-Life
by Stu Pidaso
This will show you the variables used to help setup Half-Life with an axis input device....
Half-Life Decay all unlocked patch download
by 글라도시스터
All chapters unlocked include vortigaunt chapter. Click here to download This web is Chinese, please click "下载" to download it....
Section of Half life 1 mods
by Mr Unknown
The list of Half life 1 mods...
Half Life laggy mouse problem fix (steampipe beta)
Sometimes when you play Half Life (and Half Life: Blue Shift and HL: Opposing force) you experience a frustrading mouse lag that slows down your mouse movement. This problem is random and is often triggered buy fast in-game movements or long periods of ti...
Half-Life (Pepaco)
by Pepaco
Guía completa de Half-Life por Pepaco ( youtube/user/mrwizardpepe )...
Port "Half-Life Dreamcast" Español 100% Textos y voces
by Raskaipika
Esta guía permite instalar y traducir el port para PC de la versión no realizada de "Half-Life Dreamcast" al castellano de España, incluyendo textos y voces. *Jugar en PC a la versión acabada pero no publicada de Half-Life para Dreamcast *Tener el...
Как установить Black Mesa быстрее, безопаснее и проще
by kenny
Lets Play Half Life by 87thesidGaming
by 87thesidGaming
We walkthrough or lets play Half Life 1, this is an old game i used to play as a kid and now i can record for your enjoyment. Use this as a tutorial or just for entertainment because you like me :D Subscribe to the Youtube channel to be automatically upda...
Half-Life 全系列 - 貨梯躲避食腦蟲攻略
by [TW] 小蕃薯A
如何在搭乘貨梯的那邊躲避一堆的食腦蟲 適用於 Half-Life 、 Half-Life: Source 、 Black Mesa: Source...
Detonado de Half-Life - by: Half-Life Brasil
by Durfino
Vídeo detonado de Half-Life 1, feito pelo Durfino da Half-Life Brasil ( lá no nosso canal você pode encontrar além dos detonados, vídeos variados da série Half-Life e jogos relacionados, visite:
How To Properly Update The WON (Pre-Steam) Version of Half-Life
by General Vandarius/KainiaKaria
This guide will teach you how to install The WON (Pre-Steam or Best Known as Sierra Entertainment-Vivendi Games) Version of Half-Life
Half-Life Cheats (Working with the add-ons too)
by Ranger
First!!! Right Click on Half-Life (or add-ons) then properties and start-options type -console in there. then start the game press now ^ there comes the console. here the cheats: god=God mode noclip=no clipping Impulse 101=GIVES YOU EVERYTHING!!...
How to add change game option in menu
by MaDShadoW
If you feel nostalgia of won HL this might make that more close to it...
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