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Half-Life Walkthrough
by PlumBrendan
This is a walkthrough for Half-Life, played on the hard difficulty setting, I will show you all locations of the Mysterious G-Man, every hidden supply, and obivously, how to pass each chapter the safest way!...
Классический русификатор для Half-Life
by Majahet
Полная русификация (текст+звук) от Фаргус (аддоны Blue Shift и Opposing Force тоже полностью русифицированы). Актуализирована....
List of console commands.
by Stu Pidaso
The following is a list of commands that can be performed in your console or be added to your userconfig file....
Installing Half-Life Mods
by Jimo
I will give you information on where to find and how to install community made mods for the original Half-Life game by Valve Software....
The Great HλLF-LIFE Mods List
by Aublak
A list of some of the best single-player mods for Half-Life 1...
Top 5 Half Life mods
by John Spaztic
A while ago, I made a guide for the top 5 Half Life 2 modifications. As of now, it has over 1000 views and counting. Considering that I started with Half Life 2, why not go back to the original and give its mods some recognition eh? *EDIT* ok, in case yo...
Half-Life 1 Alpha detailed video walkthroughs
This is a series of videos showing off detailed walkthroughs of each level in the HL1 alpha. It also shows off enemies, weapons and the levels being played in both the final HL1 and Quake 1....
Half-Life: Decay Installation for SP and Online Co-op Guide
by Miyumi Ayase
This guide aims to provide an updated (2015) guide on how to successfully install and play Half-Life: Decay in Singleplayer and Online Co-op. Most of the guides I encountered were very informative but were published back in 2010 with some dating back 200...
How to Install Black Mesa Faster, Safer, and Easier
by Schantzee
A step by step guide to installing Black Mesa, not Half-Life. Black Mesa is the complete remake of Half-Life 1 using Source SDK 2007. The graphics are on par with Episode 2 and Portal 2 and make playing the original Half-Life story so much better. I'm ...
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