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cant die
by TheMiner606
i just cant die its really boring i tried typing god into the console didnt work i turned off sv_cheats too...
Stuck in Half-Life?
by Amitai
This guide will help you....
Como ser pro en Half-Life Multiplayer
by dani
Ok lo primero que vamos a aprender es a.. [url=MOM G...
Half-Life: Decay Installation for SP and Online Co-op Guide
by Miyumi Ayase
This guide aims to provide an updated (2015) guide on how to successfully install and play Half-Life: Decay in Singleplayer and Online Co-op. Most of the guides I encountered were very informative but were published back in 2010 with some dating back 200...
How to install custom weapon models
by xX-I'mInMeMum'sCa-Xx
This is a short guide I felt I needed to make for all you as it took me quite a while to actually find this out myself....
Gunman Chronicles & Half-Life Steam
by ~*L-M*~-/TFH\-Shepard
This guide will teach you how to play Gunman Chronicles on the Steam version of Half-Life....
Solving Lag Problems in Half Life (and most Gold Source games)
by MunchMario™
The Gold Source engine is not as stable as the newer source engine is, and isn't really built for newer computers, meaning that lag problems may occur in certain situations through out the game. This guide should help you get through these lag problems th...
Valve Core: long jump module
by NekoTheLazyGamer
If you've not reached the chapter Valve Core or hear of the long jump module appear within gameplay yet, then I recommend that you wait on that. However if you just recieved the long jump module, and do not care to bother someone else on this then I would...
How to go in Thirdperson in Half Life
by nicolicious
this is for people that want to play half life in thirdperson ps: gordon freeman doesnt wear glasses in this game SURPRISING!!...
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