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Half-Life "MOD" Azure Sheep (+Traduccion ESP Textos)
by WolfBelmi88
Descargar el Mod de Half-Life Azure Sheep 2007. con la traduccion de textos al español. Con facil instalación, y compatible con Steam. Enlace a sitio web del MOD ...
Creating a Standalone Dedicated Server
by General Vandarius/KainiaKaria Setting up a Steam Half-Life Dedicated Server __________________________________________________________ https://support.steampowered...
How to use give and impulse cheats
by Zhu-like Mate
Add -console -dev to the properties of HL1. Then type "~" can open the console. Use command "sv_cheats 1" to enable the cheat mode.Load your save at this time, the cheat codes "god" and "noclip" should work. But if you want to use "give" and "impulse", f...
Half-Life Cheats (Working with the add-ons too)
by Manhunter
First!!! Right Click on Half-Life (or add-ons) then properties and start-options type -console in there. then start the game press now ^ there comes the console. here the cheats: god=God mode noclip=no clipping Impulse 101=GIVES YOU EVERYTHING!!...
Запуск движка GoldSource на Win7
by IkaR49
У некоторых встречаются проблемы с запуском игр на движке GoldSource (Half-Life, Blue Shift, Opposing Force и проч) в Windows 7. И способ решения этой проблемы есть....
Gold Source Anthology Add On Content Pack
by General Vandarius/KainiaKaria
Features In The Gold Source Anthology Add On Content Pack: *Half-Life: Uplink *USS DARKSTAR *Rock Crowbar V1.9 *Underworld Bloodline V2.0 *Half-Life: Preliminary Findings *Half-Life: Further Data *Team Fortress Classic Contest Winners...
How to enable Bunny-Hopping without Mods.
by Wrongbear
This guide tells you how to enable bunny-hopping with out mods or anything. Just the developer console....
Making and applying Icons and Grid Images to steam for Half-Life mods
by Cyber_DemiGod
Some mods you put in the steam folder of Half-Life don't show icons in the library? But they have icons in their folders? This guide will explain why, and will show you how to easily turn those icons the mod came with into something steam will recognize, ...
Modelos Ultra Definition (UD) y texturas detalladas para Half-Life
by Raskaipika
Esta guía permite instalar en Half-Life, modelos Ultra Definition y texturas detalladas, lo que mejora mucho la apariencia gráfica del juego. Los modelos Ultra Definition, los ha creado el grupo "Trusty Crowbar" , os dejo el enlace a su página...
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