Deus Ex: Invisible War

Deus Ex: Invisible War

mwiervan Mar 26, 2014 @ 10:13am
I would like to see a Deus Ex Invisible War remake
Hello all,

Now that you have seen the title please hear me out before you think "This mwiervan guy has lost his mind, wanting perhaps the worst Deus Ex game to be remade".
I completely agree that Invisible War was a very poor sequel to the original Deus Ex, lacking the scope and complexity of gameplay of the original game, with a somewhat under developed storyline.

What I mean with a remake in this case is; I would like to see an Invisible War that really lives up as a sequel to one of the most beloved classics in PC gaming, matching it and perhaps even surpassing it as a sequel should try to do.

Stuff I would like to see an Invisible War remake handle.

- Expanding and if necessary rewriting the storyline. The original storyline really had promise but unfortunate after a while it came apart, and while I did like the suggested possible outcomes (mankind going post human, new iluminati rule. holy war against augmentation, the fall of the old humanity), the road towards it did not feel coherent/strong.

- Expanding the character building options. I still lament the fact that they got rid of skills, replacing some of these with mods which IMO really don't make sense. (hacking is now a bio mod?)
The original did perhaps overdo it with skills and I do think those would have to be streamlined or made more useful to promote different kind of characters and gameplay sessions, but I really want skills back that determine weapona accuracy, lock picking and so on, with bio mods providing unique abilities.

- Larger levels with more options to go through them/explore them.
This one pretty much speaks for itself, I think we all wanted the Seattle Enclave/Old Seattle hub, Cairo/Cairo arcology, Trier, and so on to be large places we could explore to our heart's content.

- More side quests. Again one that speaks for itself, I enjoy doing side quests, for the experience but also to see parts of the world I might otherwise never visit, and of course learn more about them.

- Better worked out factions. A lot of them started out okay but during the game they started to loose steam and ended up somewhat cliché (okay the original game's factions weren't perhaps that better but I still tended to like them more).
I would like factions such as WTO/Order, Knights Templar, Apostlecorp, the Omar a little more expanded on so that choosing between which to support becomes more of an issue of which one's philosophies match your own rather than obvious good and evil ones.

- Better graphics/models. Okay this is what you would expect from a remake but I really want them to do better models as the ones in Invisible War were quite bad, and don't get me started on the few animations almost all NPCs go through when you talk to them.