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Gaymerdude3 2013년 9월 28일 오후 4시 51분
But the actual music part?
Game looks cool, i've seen the gameplay, but whats the actual Music part of it?
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Helixium 2013년 9월 28일 오후 6시 23분 
The designs in the map and the enemies react to your music. The designs will light up in sync with your music's beat and the enemies act with your music sort of.
CommaCauseE 2013년 10월 21일 오후 10시 09분 
Imagen a badass visualizer for your music while flying around fighting other flying things lol

(the stars and whatnot light up to the beat made by the music, either the stuff included or your own mp3s)

the music side of it is really just for visuals from what I saw playing two songs, without the visuals it's the not the most fun game in the world but I can see it's fun for putting some of your music in time to time to take breaks from other games
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