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Comomomo 2013年9月26日 17時33分
Can I run this as a visualizer?
Whenever I launch this game I put the difficulty on none and just enjoy flying around. Unfortunately, the HUD and ingame elements (flowers, powerups, etc.) get in the way of my music experience.

Is there a way to play The Polynomial without any of the game elements?


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Helixium 2013年9月28日 18時21分 
I believe you can press R and H to get rid of the crosshair, hud, etc. May have to press them a couple of times to get it all away. Let me know if that works.
Comomomo 2013年9月28日 19時10分 
Comomomo 2013年9月28日 19時12分 
Worked perfectly. Had to double tap H to get rid of crosshair. Thank you so so much.
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