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Nicostomo™ 2013年3月3日 8時58分
Can someone tell me how i get rid of everything so i can take a nice screenshot? the game stats are in my way
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orb 2013年3月3日 10時17分 
Do you mean by "everything" the radar and HUD?

In the options, there are key bindings for "Hide HUD" and "Hide radar". If I remember correctly, by default they are bound to 'H' and 'R' keys. If those keys don't hide the user interface (including stats), then check the options for key bindings set for them.
最近の変更はorbが行いました; 2013年3月3日 10時20分
Nicostomo™ 2013年3月3日 11時54分 
ok, thanks is there also a way to get rid of the crosshair?
dmytryl  [開発者] 2013年3月3日 13時38分 
When you press h the second time it removes the crosshair as well (third time it puts all hud back)
Nicostomo™ 2013年3月3日 19時17分 
thanks guys, it helped :D
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