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dmytryl  [開発者] 2013年1月26日 6時41分
A few audio tips for Linux
You will need libmpg123 to be able to play mp3s (32-bit version). Alternatively, you can use an external music player (e.g. clementine, banshee, or what ever you like): clear the playlist in game, click on audio capture device, and choose "Monitor of built in Audio Analog Stereo..." or other source (you may need to experiment a bit), and you'll have it visualizing the audio that is coming from your music player. This is probably the best option overall. I'm using that myself whenever I am working, so that I can listen continuously as I restart the game.
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Ultimoore 2013年2月23日 7時27分 
+2 this
Mafat Golgo 2013年9月18日 8時18分 
Unfortunately, this doesn't work for me. There isn't the "Monitor of built in audio analog stereo..." option and any other options doesn't work.
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