anarchisttomato 14. Jan. 2013 um 19:30 Uhr
games starts twisting immediately
sorry if this is a n00b question, playing for the first time, but whenever I go to play, the game starts twisting to one side immediately without any input from the mouse or keyboard. i don't have a joystick plugged in, although i tried it then and still got the same result. i'm under linux if that's any help, does anyone have any ideas, perhaps on device conflicts or something? maybe mouse input issues?
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dmytryl  [Entwickler] 15. Jan. 2013 um 4:23 Uhr 
Hmm, after you click mouse button, does it stop twisting? It does sound like some random device gets detected as joystick, but the game disables joystick if you press mouse button.
anarchisttomato 15. Jan. 2013 um 20:42 Uhr 
Nah, same deal. Although interestingly, I tried plugging in a joystick as a test and it didn't seem to find it (I've tested it on other games to see if it's working); when I tried to assign buttons in the bindings nothing happened. Maybe it's a device conflict or something. Perhaps I should try ps/2 mouse over a usb and see what happens...
opTR0n 16. Jan. 2013 um 8:49 Uhr 
i had same problem. You should delete gamepad bindings (axis x & y) in controls menu.
anarchisttomato 16. Jan. 2013 um 19:24 Uhr 
Yep, that works. I was looking for a button 'delete joystick bindings', it doesn't exist, hehe, just press delete on each joystick binding manually ;)
dmytryl  [Entwickler] 17. Jan. 2013 um 2:35 Uhr 
I'll add a button for enabling/disabling joystick. I am surprised it is an issue because it should have disabled the joystick on mouseclick (and enable when you press joystick button).
opTR0n 17. Jan. 2013 um 4:11 Uhr 
Дмитрий, там скорее всего так и есть - игра распознает какой-то девайс как джойстик и считывает оттуда постоянное нажатие, поэтому он и не отключается.
Еще раз спасибо за версию для линукс.
dmytryl  [Entwickler] 17. Jan. 2013 um 10:48 Uhr 
Проверял с джойстиком держа кнопку - игнорирует нормально... наверное что-то постоянно кликает одной из кнопок, или мышь как джойстик распознается...
anarchisttomato 17. Jan. 2013 um 19:20 Uhr 
Ah well, that's bug testing for you, thanks for your help. :)
OOPMan 18. Feb. 2013 um 21:37 Uhr 
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