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Plompi 2013年4月28日 10時30分
Oculus Rift Vr support
Are there any plans of a Oculus Rift compatible version? Integration shouldn't be too complicated. It would just blow my mind watching this wonderfull game move to my music.
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dmytryl  [開発者] 2013年4月28日 22時57分 
Yes... I very much want to add Oculus Rift support but I just don't have the hardware yet. Actually I'm working on a second game, but I'll definitely back-port Oculus Rift support into Polynomial when I add that.
最近の変更はdmytrylが行いました; 2013年4月28日 23時02分
whotouchedmydick? 2013年8月28日 1時05分 
I love you. That is all.
Jason (Oculus Rift) 2013年8月30日 23時30分 
I played with the side by side settings and got it almost OK, but the hud still wouldnt work out. Please, add Oculus Rift Support ot this game. It would me AMAZING and I would demo it to a lot of people.
WormSlayer 2013年8月31日 6時55分 
I would totally buy this to play on my Rift!
dmytryl  [開発者] 4月10日 22時54分 
Got the hardware, ironically after the facebook deal...

There's what works for me: select "side by side", enter -120 for "shift", and press h twice to disable HUD. Not perfect, but not bad either. I'm currently busy on another job so I don't have time to add proper support yet.
Marbaus 4月27日 19時15分 
Sounds like a great start to an aweome game. Getting the new Ocular in July, so I am looking forward to getting this.
SageTK 5月4日 3時12分 
This game could lessen LSD usage by 45% if it had Oculus Rift support.
Aurel Tristen 8月12日 12時28分 
Hey Dmytryl, any progress with this? I love that your game supports so many 3D modes, but OR support would rock too!
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