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Saving music visualizer settings and editor settings for a transitional live 'set'?
I've been using the polynomial for a few years for lesiure, it's a great program, but i've recently got the idea of having a selection of instruments come out of the mixer in a live environment, and into my computer, then having it projected onto us in real time.

Also on a related note, is there a way to save the settings under the music visualizer section, not just in the editor? Because i had an awesome thing yesterday, saved it, then realized the visualizer settings were totally different so i'd have to fiddle around with them live as well.

I want a set of settings for each particular song, but i really don't want to break the flow by opening a menu and changing/loading settings mid show, is there a way i can give the game say 4 different levels, in order, and go from one to the next smoothly?

And for Dmytry specifically, it'd be awesome if in the sequel you could somehow implement midi functionality, so faders and knobs on a keyboard could be used to increase or decrease settings in the game, that would make it pretty easy to activate new levels/settings groups too.
The Polynomial > กระดานสนทนาทั่วไป > รายละเอียดกระทู้