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Crystal Tracker
Hey someone know whats a Crystal Tracker?
A Guy offered the Host a Crystal Tracker+3b for some lab runs
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Jorkfriend Sep 7, 2013 @ 12:55pm 
It comes from beating the Warping Core challenge on Insane or Nightmare difficulty. It's for gun-using classes.

I have a decent one, it's like a big AOE blaster. Pretty handy weapon although it never seems to come with truly good stats. I use it more as a novelty than anything else although it can still kill things reliably on the tamer side of Nightmare.
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Tydo Sep 8, 2013 @ 12:11am 
Crystal tracker is just the map-specific reward version (on Warping core challenge) of the generic aoe blaster. BF drill is yet another specialized edition of it - except the BF drill is actually better.

The generic ones can get much better stats than the reward version. The reward version is basically poop to PC players, but for console, where they can not farm NM survival, it is hard to get a stronger version of it.

Have a generic blaster with 230+ upgrades, (~17k attack), only really use it for Lab assault to break 2 of the crystals. And if i have to help someone on zippy terror.
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