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TheCurmudgeons Aug 24, 2013 @ 5:07pm
Dumb, Stupid, Bunghole Lesser Turkey Hunt Challenge
I have just wasted another day trying to get through easy/medium on this s h i t t y challenge. So I will ask again - can anyone please tell me how to make it through without running out of time on nearly every stinking wave. There is no time to set up any towers and Djinn just wipe them out faster then you can build them back. It doesnt matter whether its one poerson ofor 4 we just keep running out of time - and hundreds still left to kill.
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Der Hexer Aug 24, 2013 @ 6:04pm 
well, if it was you i've joined today ... 2-10 sec. lag (more like a freeze) for the whole team but you doesn't help at all at this challenge ;)
Egal Matreaux Aug 24, 2013 @ 8:18pm 
Came kinda close with a 4 man crew today on NM, more people makes it harder, so hard to say what number would would be best. I'm guessing everyone needs good projectile pets and weapons. The only trick I found so far is to not stop moving ever, cause that's when they all catch up and you get owned. Thinking this will be the last achviement I ever get, if I ever get it. Just make sure no weaklings are on the team, as I was last man standing and my stats aren't all that hot.
TheCurmudgeons Aug 24, 2013 @ 8:32pm 
Der Hexer yes it was me - sorry if you had lag; I guess you guys did have some trouble with lagging. The first 8 or nine attempts no one mentioned it, so the only time i heard about it was when when you were with me. Oh well - another challenge to not bother with - makes you wonder why they even made such stupid crappy assinine challenges in the first place. Did they ever play their horrible challenges after the trial period, where they then screwed arround with it month after month after month until they made it unenjoyable to do? Just about every map has a big glitch or a no spawn issue, super laggy, or something to make it really annoying to play.
TheCurmudgeons Aug 24, 2013 @ 8:40pm 
Egal Matreaux sorry you didn't make it either - There are a lot of power levelled wannabe helpfuls; but:- no armor sets, no resistances, but they all have a Pawn Shot; or BF Drill (not good for this map as you cant see where you are going.) They bring a kobold or just as useful pet with them. There is no time to do a spot check when they join. No time to do anything on this challenge.
Der Hexer Aug 24, 2013 @ 8:50pm 
well, i guess i could do better at turkey hunt if i have a target. i've put down some traps at choke points but i go after turkeys 99% of the time.

a lot of the game is trial & error if you don't like to watch guides because of the time limit at least for insane/NM mode, unfortunately. and i agree, a lot of the maps and challenges are at least somewhat "unfinished" imo.

on kings game i have to wait several minutes after each wave if i managed to get a "jump tile" and killed myself and watch the ogres get stuck on a ramp every single time
elvenspirit Aug 25, 2013 @ 10:48pm 
turkey hunt just needs a fast weapon with as large an aoe possible (needs to be damaging enough to kill the turkeys though.)

It took me at least a day or so of experimenting and i did find that while testing the projectiles on assault maps that some cause very bad lag to other players (for this reason it may not be beneficial to upgrade weapon speed past a certain point if you need help of a second player.)

In the end i beat it with the help of a monk and a crystal tracker on my huntress with my barbarian's armor. The monk had to polish the boss off though as i just picked up a ghetto crystal tracker and upgraded it as much as i needed to for clearing baby turkeys.

Best of luck!
Road Aug 26, 2013 @ 2:12am 
to beat turkey hunt well you gotta plan it out way ahead of time with friends. best is to have cowboy monkeys all around and huntress/hybrids 3k player damage 1.5k(at the least) hp, 2k-2.5k trap damage and at least 80% resists. we did this with 3 people.

first plan out the paths to run this is key you gotta have a path that keeps the damn ninjas stuck so first plan out the run 2nd plan out choke points and drop zones. look for high conjestion areas of turkeys drop explosion traps on them (this keeps djinn busy), learn the rest points theres 1 at the top and i think another at the bottom for some reason sitting on certain pillars will make the ninjas/hero's stop chasing u.

now if you stop you die dont ever stop running unless its to drop traps. gas / explosion traps only size/life doesnt matter just damage and location.

your monkey needs to heal for alot and fast they also tag those damn turkey's that get stuck in corners the ones that require you to turn and look at them dont do this just keep running let the monkey tag them. traps will get about 75% of the map and monkeys and you will kill the rest.

no timer on last wave *** big sigh of releif*** but plan on (7 or 8 i forget) mega turkey boss's all with a stupid amount of life. + evil heros + djinn + ninjas (as if the turkey hunt wasnt hard enough) in essence your gonna keep up the loopty loop running path non stop till all 8 are dead im pretty sure its 8 this took us 30min just for the boss's keep dropping traps dont get near the turkeys just let them throw their bomb at you thats easier to dodge than the ground pound ability they have.

gl. (takes alot of practice runs just to get the first few waves down) (mental note a monk can be put in and chain drops healing aura in the middle to ease up on damage)
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TheCurmudgeons Aug 26, 2013 @ 7:02am 
Thanks Road - this game has been a stuggle for me from the minute I started playing - drops just did'nt't seem to happen - rewards were not rewarding and had to do a survival 10 plus times to get one or two pieces of equipment that were an upgrade - Lately no upgrades just time wasted. Should have bought hacked crap from shops in the beginning and been done with the game in 200-400 hours like most people. So this turkey hunt is not really worth all that stupidness to get the achievement.
Road Aug 26, 2013 @ 12:57pm 
if your an achievment junky like me you have to have it. but this map was way over designed and i think specificly to fight hackers but unfortunatly its way to difficult for casual farming.

i dont even remeber the rewards but i was pretty upset they sucked really bad you would think at the least you would get a mega turkey pet or somthing but its again just a random mash up of random gear junk. at the very least they should have made unique weapons and pets so the reward would be near the difficulty.

i cant read the last patch notes but lately i also feel the gear drops have been nerfed i've been in about 30 survivals and have seen prolly 4 supreme and 0 ultimates. but about 3months ago i'd get a ultimate (althought it almost always sucked) 1 out of 5 survivals which is encouraging to keep going.

i just wonder if they streched drop rates to keep people in dds1 till dds2 is done.
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TheCurmudgeons Aug 26, 2013 @ 1:36pm 
That map is probably the worst for maneuverability - tree roots, blocks, dead ends, very crappy to build and maintain for the regular campaign and survival. Well there must be some reason for my low end drops but someone today said they got tons of Ultimate & Supreme armor in Kings Game survvival ( Just a bologne shooter I think when I asked him to build and lets go play he was suddenly gone like a puff of smoke.) I cant even get my build to work anymore - the ogres now just head straight for the crystal instead of the harpoons. And yes I did want to try and get all the achievements after spending so much time in this game. I have not done any PvP challenges since my weapons have been low quality since the beginning and if that is what DD2 is going to be; well I sure won't be playing that game.
Egal Matreaux Aug 26, 2013 @ 9:19pm 
I found a pretty good king's game setup off youtube. Basically it's aura stack on either side of crystal, 5du buff beam about a square away on either side, maybe a touch more, not looking at it atm. Mage, spider, 3 archers each side up top, same on bottom but with more archers. Than add reflects, I used V shape in front and on crystal, than added traps, gas, inferno and detonation. Had to sit there as summoner to keep things topped up but it worked flawlessly. I had to stop last night at wave 26 while testing, but it's fairly solid with good stats. The guy who did the setup used less reflects and only had gas traps, but I wanted to finish the DU and I'm most likely not as strong as him.
Egal Matreaux Aug 26, 2013 @ 10:33pm 
WTF, I checked youtube for a setup, than tried it on NM cause I figured if I got cornered I could just respawn and still have a chance, NOPE!!! I was near the end the 9th wave with over 2mins to spare, than BAM cornered, owned and game over. So for future refernce there is no point in not playing NMHC on this stupid challenge. If they up'd the build time from 30sec to a min. this would be a heck of alot easier to pull off. I know they won't come back and fix anything with this game now, but who knows, maybe the second will flop so bad they'll have to come back to stay afloat.

Anyways, the setup I tried was http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJa6CbM5BHY , I modified it a bit from what he had done, I added in another trap and up'd everything more cause the Jester is super fast at it. I suppose with two builders this could be done easier, but I admit with solo, the number of turkies is far less than with extra people.
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Road Aug 27, 2013 @ 2:08am 
its only worth it for the achievment. this map is a huge disappointment when it could of been so much more.
Egal Matreaux Aug 27, 2013 @ 4:16am 
Originally posted by Road:
its only worth it for the achievment. this map is a huge disappointment when it could of been so much more.

I'm only missing this on insane- and NM, as well as Temple O Love NM, than I have everything. I'm going do it, pain or not.
Der Hexer Aug 27, 2013 @ 6:21am 
i never do things i don't like just for the achievement - at the end it's only a game
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