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Game Shuts Down PC
So, whenever I play Dungeon Defends I end up having my computer randomly shut off. It is not overheating. I do not have this issue with more taxing games (BF3 for example).

I thought maybe there was some video setting that my pc just wasn't liking - noticed you cannot adjust graphic settings within this game at all? Am I missing something on that or is this correct?

I can play other games for literally hours on end - I get maybe 15 minutes of play here. Map and amount of enemies doesn't matter, it has nothing to do with levels with "more" vs "less" enemies being on the play field at once. I googled this a bit and it looks like a fair deal of others have this issue and my same circumstances (temps are not elevated to any level of concern, other more demanding games never do it, etc).

Is this game just poorly designed and severely overtaxing my computer (yet not overheating it for some reason)???

I am at a loss, it is a fun little game but it should not be doing this.
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Thordac Aug 24, 2013 @ 7:45am 
You can change the video settings on the launcher before you launch the game. Choose 'Configure' instead of 'Play'. Still not many options to play with but you can try toggling 'Don't Use Multi-Threaded Renderer' to see if it help.

Weird that it only happens for this game because your machine just shutting off is usually hardware related. My first guess would of been overheating but you said your temps are fine so not much else I can suggest. I can say I have 450+ hours on Dungeon Defenders without a problem though.
Tydo Aug 24, 2013 @ 8:31am 
I think the appropriate direction is this:
As in, send them a detailed report. CPU, motherboardchipset, graphics card, OS, amount of RAM. If you have noticed a pattern in when/where/what triggers it. And where else you might have encountered the problem (e.g. other games/applications).
And if you are for example use non-standard things to modify graphics (like Sweetfx) or GPU controlpanel replacements, etc.

Alternative, the PC section of their DD forum:
Actually this might be a better place to start, just in case you can narrow it down or solve it yourself.
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