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Dabhyun Jul 21, 2013 @ 5:38am
New DLC - Which one to get?
Hi, I am an avid Dungeon Defenders fan, and now, in the summer sales, I would like to buy some new DLC. I am not sure which though. I already have the Jester, Summoner and gender-swapped characters. I may buy The crystal shard full pack, but my main on PC is only level 21 (on xbox it is 70). So, which DLC do I buy?
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Smug Anime Face Jul 21, 2013 @ 6:29am 
EDIT: I included general information anyone interested to Dungeon Defenders should Know.

Summoner(Minions. Vital Defenses),

Series EV(Buff/Reflection/Physical Walls. Vital Defenses),

Jester (For Kings Game, Fills Gear Progresion Gap),

Quest for the Lost Eternia Crystal Shards (Nightmare Mode, and Fills Gear Progression Gap),

Tinkerer's Lab (Final Gear Progression Map)

Anniversery Pack (Quickest/Highest EXP map)

I'd recommend all these. Be aware Female Characters have a default Speed Boost making them the best builders while Males make the best DPS as they get a Health Boost.

This makes the "New Hero" pack actually viable since it allows you to have a Countess which is devistatingly faster than the Squire. The Adept and Initiate are quite nice too as they are faster.

Why does speed matter? on Maps with a Time Limit (EX: The Final Shard Map) or on Insane/Nightmare where you have to get everything set up in a time limit. Speed becomes a matter of great importance


Speed caps at 100 (you cant move faster) in easy-insane

Speed caps at 400 in Nightmare

A speed of 2500 == 400 They are the same. You hit the CAP.

The only way to move even faster is to acquire a Diamond (Gather 88 Coal)

This affects Skins too. it works like this.

Girls = Fastest
Boys = Healthier
Adults = Even Healthier, Slower.
Legendary Adults = Healthiest, Additional Damage, Slowest.

Even though the Amazon is just a female Barbarian she moves faster at the cost of health.

Same goes for the Summoner. the Demoness is faster.

The Default Series EV Skin is the fastest EV Skin.

What did I mean by "Fills Gear Gap" though? Well. Each map has a maximum loot quality potential. This is why you can't get Godly gear on Easy Deeper Well. Different Maps/Difficulties have Different Maximum Loot Qualities. The DLC I listed as a Filler helps Fill in a Gap otherwising missing making progression nearly impossible. That's why I recommended all those DLC.
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Dabhyun Jul 21, 2013 @ 6:31am 
Can you explain 'for progression purposes', please?
Smug Anime Face Jul 21, 2013 @ 6:37am 
Originally posted by Rowan396:
Can you explain 'for progression purposes', please?

Each map has a specified loot quality RNG (random range) which affects the maximum potential on stats when gear drops. (This is why you don't find godly quality items on Easy Deeper Well.)

NMHC > Quest for the Lost Eternia Crystal Shards > Kings Game > Tinkerer's Lab For maximum loot quality that is the progression path. You can only reach so far without those DLC with your characters. They serve a progression purpose.

I'd also get the Anniversery pack though because it has the best XP map in the game.
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