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Trendy's pathetic attempts to stop hacking. Banning the wrong people is one of such.
Hey guys, a few things to bear in mind whilst reading and responding to this thread:
1. This is about ranked online hacking not open online.
2. Think about whether Trendy is doing the right thing by banning people who haven't hacked but have hacked gear.

Ok, the main issue of this thread, and yes it is a personal one:
Yesterday I was Trendy banned from online play, no reason was given. I have emailed Trendy for feedback on my ban as I have absolutely no idea why it happened, I respect other players, I hate kicking people and I try never to use offensive language of any variety at all in game.

One thing strikes me when I think about why I was banned. I had recently bought a few sets of transcendent armour with INCREDIBLE stats in an afk shop (and a few pets as well). A few players in my games had told me that my gear was hacked because of the impossibly good stats (+600-700 on all tower stats), apparently there is a cap for stats on armour? I didn't know there was one so I never checked the armour I bought to see if they breached these caps as I play the game for fun, not to analyse the statistics of it, although I wish I had analysed these statistics as I am obviously now banned and I assume that this ban has come from players reporting my gear.

If I did have hacked gear, fair enough I have been banned, I shouldn't have had it, I don't contest that, but my problem is that I had no idea that I bought hacked gear and now I can never play one of my favourite games because of an afk shop host who clearly hacked his/her gear.

THIS is the unfair part. Trendy has banned a victim of circumstance perminently, and I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE, instead of the actual hacker.

This is your attempt to stop hacking Trendy? Ban everyone perminently who has hacked gear? At least tell us that the gear is hacked and give us a chance to delete it or sell it to the tavern keeper before you ban us. I know this sounds pathetic but I had bought all the dlc for this game, played it quite a lot and made some friends on it as well and now I am perminently banned from it?

Why don't you search for the actual hackers and ban THEM Trendy instead of banning victims of circumstance and saying "hey guys we banned some hackers!!!!" because we are not the hackers, we are victims of both the hackers because we bought their hacked gear and you Trendy, VICTIMS OF YOU, because you have used us as scapegoats!

Do what is right Trendy, fix your system, ban the real hackers and at least tell us we have hacked gear before you ban us.

EDIT: 'sell to tavern keeper' istead of 'sell'.
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Cynical Squid Jun 9, 2013 @ 7:39am 
Well that is fair point - there should be some form of warning email sent to your account (how Trendy would be able to go about this I am unsure as it can be time consuming and it may just be easier for them to ban) if you are found with hacked/modded equipment because modded equipment doesn't always stay with the modder - he/she may sell it to other players like you and as a result you may get banned instead of them. While I play this game a fair amount I am not familiar with the fact there is an actual cap for stats on transcendant gear or above so for less expereinced players or players who do not research every aspect of the game this can prove to be a serious issue if they are unaware of the fact they re being sold modded gear
Rainmaker Okada Jun 9, 2013 @ 7:47am 
If Trendy actually cared about its community they would find a way to email us or contact us with a warning so they didn't lose valuable players (especially ones who bought ALL the dlc, just saying).

And exactly, less experienced players or experienced players who simply enjoy the game without researching its gear mechanics, such as stat cap and what the best stats a piece of armour can have legit, have no idea what they are walking into when they join the afk shop entitled "awesome armour! fairly cheap for quality!!!".

Since this is a Trendy ban, does that mean I cannot play dd2 on this account? Do I have to make a new account just to play dd2 or dd1 if I can get over how badly I have been treated by Trendy, considering I also bought dd on the xbox AND all the dlc before I started pc gaming a few months ago (I never saw mythical armour on the xbox so again I had no idea of the stat caps there and any modded equipment on the xbox had "99999 tower attack" so that was the model of what "modded" or "hacked" meant not "600 tower health", simple maths can show the difference between those two numbers).

EDIT: Added a bracket at the end of the post to correct my grammar.
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Gorebane44 Jun 9, 2013 @ 11:07am 
I would say 90% of anything sold in afk shops that look good are probably modded. Whats funny is when people first started modding gear people were actually paying a ton of REAL MONEY for modded gear without knowing it ^_^.
Saladressing Jun 9, 2013 @ 11:13am 
They only ban for actual hacked gear. They will not ban someone if they dont. You clearly had something that was given to you, and/or done by you to trigger the ban. You most likely were reported by someone due to it being a trendy ban, not vac.

Thankfully you are not vac banned. This means it was directly off trendy servers and not steam. This means you can still use your account for other games and DD2 if it is on steam.
Rainmaker Okada Jun 9, 2013 @ 11:37am 
Well I'm happy to hear that I can use this account for DD2, I really love DD1 and want to play DD2, I've been looking forward to a sequel since DD1 came out!

Yes it is starting to look like I bought hacked gear from an afk shop, everyone I have talked to about this has agreed with my suspicions that this was the reason for my ban.

All I can do is hope that Trendy will recognise that the ban was a misjudgement (which I doubt) and lift my ban (which I doubt even more).
Saladressing Jun 9, 2013 @ 11:45am 
Yea that wont happen. There is no proof that you bought it from a store. If they let you have your account back, then they would have to do it for everyone else that said they didnt know. If you get unbanned, first miracle, and second, they really are screwed as a company.
Rainmaker Okada Jun 9, 2013 @ 11:59am 
Trendy as a company have dug themselves into a massive hole already:
1. They exist purely off a community of online gamers making the game fun for each other, solo play can become boring quite quickly after about 50 hours of gameplay.
2. They are destroying this community by banning the wrong people, and yes you are right that they cannot simply unban me without reviewing every other similar case, the number of which will be in the thousands.
3. Eventually they will demolish their own community, not to mention how the community is outraged by DD2 coming as mainly a league f legends ripoff.

One of two things will come from their misguided war against hackers:
Either they will ban as many people as possible with any hacked gear and bring hacking on DD to a very minute level, whilst damaging the community by banning the victims of circumstance as well.

Or they will fail to bring hacking to a halt and ban all the wrong people, demolishing their community by a large amount whilst also having their community destroyed by the skepticism of DD2, leaving them in a very vulnerable position.

Not to mention the in fighting at Trendy already, if any of you haven't read the investigation thread on this forum it's very worth reading for some info on Trendy's situation.
TheCurmudgeons Jun 9, 2013 @ 4:45pm 
It has been said now in the forums for many many months - if you want the fast easy way to complete the game - buy in the afk shops - if not struggle like the rest of us and farm it. I still cannot get past 3k in my stats on anything - the gear just doesn't fall. - But I am still foolishly trying to do so - only because the game is fun and dissappointingly challenging (too hard - like always running out of time in the turkey hunts. etc). Earlier Ii asked for a hacker to drop off sets of gear in my tavern - (that caused a number of uneccessary insults and comments - but i found them humourous) first it was because i really didn't care if I got banned (though I actually do) but because I might have been be able to complete some of the way-to-hard challenges - secondly - my tavern isn't open long enough for that to happen and I know what I have on my tavern floor, mostly unusable ultimate and supreme junk - looks impressive but the stats suck. So for all you Noobs - just farm it if you don't want a ban - you found it in the game and cannot get banned for that.

As far as what is happening at Trendy - are any of us really going to stop playing this game? Apart from getting banned from it or just finally giving up because we cannot get further? I doubt it! Sorry if there are typos in this - too small to easily read and there should be a spell checker.
Unbekannter Jun 9, 2013 @ 11:50pm 
I'm completely with you on this one, and I'm sorry that happened to you, although I can't help but to think you should've realised they were clearly hacked, but regardless, you hold true many valid points, and Trendy is handling it really badly.

EDIT: From reading more of your posts, I have a better understanding of how you perhaps wouldn't have known the item(s) was modded.

I'd consider them pointlessly banning you, grounds for some sort of compensation, given you basically gave them money for goods that they've refused you proper access to, based on something you weren't aware of in the first place, because THEIR software is able to be so easily manipulated!

At least it works offline, eh? :\

If it were me, I'd hassle the people at Trendy, until they got the message. I wouldn't stand for it, and I'd make it very, very clear. Also, be greatful it wasn't Steam that banned you, although maybe this in itself shows that you didn't do anything wrong? What if Steam banned you? That would be outragous! :\ That's a very scary thought - being banned for something you didn't even do, and then losing everything that you put lots of money into; I'd go ♥♥♥♥ing ape♥♥♥♥♥♥at Steam if they did that to me.

Hackers, seriously.. they are so ♥♥♥♥ing selfish and small-minded. >.<

I should just point out that I also got a modded item ages ago, without realising; someone told me it was modded, and I was gutted, so dumped it, ASAP. I wonder what other stuff I have that may or may not be modded - I have 5 or 6 perfect Kobolds, so for all I know, one or more of them could be modded. :\ It just takes the♥♥♥♥♥♥that Trendy have let it get this bad; I mean, they just don't seem to give a ♥♥♥♥, anymore.

Sorry for all the profanity - I kinda don't care, ATM.

Oh, and to the individual shouting "noob": the shop is a feature of the game itself, for both new and experienced players, so get off your high-horse and stop trying to demean an obvious and serious problem.

All items in-game that Trendy deem as modded (they'd know what is, otherwise they wouldn't ban you, right?) need to be publicly marked in-game and a popup shown when the person logs in; this should be really ♥♥♥♥ing simple to do, if they already know whether something is modded, so what's taking them so long, hmm? >.> I hate it when companies refuse to give two ♥♥♥♥s for the people keeping their damn♥♥♥♥♥♥alive.
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Black Mambo № 5 Jun 10, 2013 @ 3:38am 
Guys stop siding with this dude without knowing what on earth is going on.
Anyone can say "I don't hack, I only bought the gear off afk-shops". Just stop giving that excuse. 99% of time whoever gets banned comes up with this bogus excuse that - "Oh, my friend quit and he gave me his gear, I didn't know it was hacked" OR "I just bought it from an AFK-shop, I don't know it was hacked or not."

You've been banned because you are/were wearing outrageously hacked gear. And even upon knowing that it was hacked you probably didn't get rid of it, now face the consequences.


If you can't view the images or the thread all together - http://imgur.com/a/ejSoo#0
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Finny Jun 10, 2013 @ 4:04am 
U knew u were hacking pal or if u didnt do it, u bought ur gear with USD or ur friend did it for u. ANY idiot can see u have hacked gear.Cant use any excuses. U are welcome btw. Its nice to know even some idiots still gets banned.
sgof Jun 10, 2013 @ 6:02am 
Well, truth or not, the top two excuses are:

1 - I didn't know they were hacked.
2 - My friend gave it to me.

There are many people using hacked gear out there.

Some... hacked it themselves. Some know it is hacked, but use it anyways. Some have no clue. For most experienced players... it is very easy to tell.

Hackers (Actual hackers, and users of such items):

1 - Flaunt their stuff and how awesome they are
2 - They have no clue on how to actually play the game.

#1 & #2 usually go hand in hand.

But, the response is the the same. Trendy only can see what is in your save file. They do not have a history on who you bought it from, how and when. So, they have fairly straightforward guidelines on how they ban.

Personally, I have never reported anyone. But, there are many that do. But, I will say that majority of the experienced players will converse with the hacker to explain that they are using hacked items. And, when they see that you will continue to use them is when they decide to report you. Like I said, I haven't reported anyone before... I really didn't think it did anything, but good to know that Trendy is still banning people for this.

Also... Stop paying real money to the hackers. lol. I mean, I have never ran into an afk shop that sells full sets of the stuff seen in the screenshots for mana.

The good news is that, from what I know, you could be un-banned, and long as you didn't have pages of this stuff. They only permanently ban you if the stuff you had was out of control. Just email them to ask to be un-banned because you didn't know, and didn't have much hacked gear. The answer from Trendy? You already know their response.
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TheCurmudgeons Jun 10, 2013 @ 6:26am 
Herr. ... - Not on a high horse; I am struggeling to get through this.game - just warning the new comers who want to get to the top in a hurry - the hackers way can cost them. Which they can easily purchase from the AFK shops either knowing or unknowingly and getting hacked gear. The shop is just another feature that started out good and went slowly downhill. There was nothing high and mighty about my comment by the way.
Dv's DeadManWalking Jun 10, 2013 @ 12:27pm 
Wether you agree or disagree wether he got or made modded gear the very fact that someone can mod an item and then post it in the AFK shop make it a issue. They will get innocents with this policy and have. Making blanket statements that someone should "KNOW" its hacked based on its stats is ignorant and uproductive to this disucssion. How should they know is there some sort of icon or flag maybe they should magically gain this mystical knowledge. If you cannot give your customers a secure enviroment in a game then remove the feature or add a security check into the feature. The very fact that they ban based only on a save file when it is perfectly reasonable to see how person A can buy in a afk shop item C from person B. Trendy should have some sort of validate button in the game client that can show if they item violates the stat rules. Then no one could say I didnt know the stats where bad you could have checked or a check should be part of the purchase in a afk shop, stats violate the stat rules do you still wish to purchase. Protecting your client base who have been loyal and bought every dlc should be a priority. Banning legit players for buying a modded item in a afk shop is poor design and the fact this is still an issue makes me reconsider DD2.
Rainmaker Okada Jun 10, 2013 @ 12:31pm 
I know my equipment was hacked now, I have actually said in previuous posts that I don't deny that I should have been punished for having the gear and not realising/getting rid of it.

The thing is though, I don't deny I should be DISCIPLINED, not banned.

If they have no warning system to tell me that my items are hacked I then I should receive something like a month long ban or have my characters deleted and have to start again; I would have no problem with this, it is the simple fact that I have paid about £20 due to various sales for dlc so I didn't pay full steam retail thank God, and now I am banned from using it for ranked online, and let's face it I am not going to play offline by myself with no achievements or feeling of accomplishment, that is what achievements were created for.

Black Mambo, you were in my game, have obviously reported me, and never bothered to tell me they were hacked? You never thought that I could have done with knowing that they were hacked?

Black Mambo, if you look at those stats you screenshotted you would see that the resistances and hero attributes are not very good, they are ok, but not for nightmare, and I have already explained my ignorance to stat caps on transcendent as well as all other armour types earlier.

Black Mambo, why didn't you try and tell me and help me? Instead you reported me without even warning me of what I was wearing like a decent human people would have done.

Black Mambo, I hope you get banned for no good reason and karma serves you justice.
Disguisting is the only word for you Black Mambo.
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