Se7enShadows Mar 8, 2013 @ 2:17pm
Not as a gift, but as a helpful hand.
I'm getting back into DD and truely.. I need Trans gear for building. I have 300m Mana but not able to find anything that just screams "GRAB ME FOR BUILDING". If anyone is going to Kings Game farm on NM, please add me into it. Or if they'd like to donate old Tower Trans gear.
Thanks for reading. ^^
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Ajay Mar 9, 2013 @ 9:14am 
all you need is a got build and myth gear from rather alchemist or kingsgame insane. i farmed nearly all trans gear on myself and with a friends help, the stats look nice when you got 3000 points but its not needed for two facts: right tower on the right spot can make more then 3 stronger tower on the uneffektiv spot.
and fact two: the dmg scale you have first: 1 point in attk towers nearly 100 dmg later its 10. so having 2500 points is a luxuary to make the newbies shout : wow you are so high geared ^^.
iam not giving you armor, but showing a few basics to make your own builds, thats more worth then ulti++ armor trust me.
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