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SQUIBBLES Feb 2, 2013 @ 11:52am
Dungeon defenders OSX mountain lion problem
I downloaded a steam unlock key from the indie humble bundle, and it finished downloading on steam, but when the game launches, it immediately crashes. I have the recommended requirements so i could use some help. Any ideas?
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Ninjaritus Feb 13, 2013 @ 8:55am 
I had the same issue. A quick fix. before opening the game change all the system and graphic settings to lower/ minium stats and when you get it open turn off post processing, its in the resolution/display setting in options.

now that is only a quick fix because there is an issue with the code for OSX mountain lion. If you downgrade your OS to leopard it would be better, but then hey why would you do that? It would still run choppy and you would have just downgraded your system for a game :P.

what I did is, made a windows partition on my iMac using bootcamp. Now bootcamp is a built in program and you dont have to purchase it, however you have to have a licensed copy of windows 7, 64 bit. Doesnt matter what it is, profesional, ultimate, office etc as long as it is 64 bit, not 32 bit. It can run on 32 bit but it wouldn't be as smooth. Now that being said, what bootcamp does is divides your hardrive to an amout you specify ( I would recommend at least 60 gigs, because windows 7 is around 20 gigs itself and you need to download hardware driver , that bootcamp will provide, to allow you yo use all of your mac stuff on the windows side. all in all around 30gigs and you want a few extra for what you are gonna be putting on it. Another note is that you can always increase the size but you can't decrease it unless you delete it and make a whole new one, so don't use too much if you arent sure). And creates a serperate part of your computer that would be, you guessed it, running windows rather than mac. Now you can do anything with this side and it wont affect the other side. For me I downloaded steam and installed dungeon defenders and a few other games.
(a friend of mine uses his for CAD and other windows only programs for work) It works like a charm. I havent had a crash on windows side, maybe the occasional lag spike but that is more my connection than games fault.

So same computer Same specs just different opperating system and it is clear that game devs make games with windows in mind first and foremost then reformat to work on mac.

there are a few tutorials on youtube that can help you do this, this one is the most helpful I think


Hope this helps and also open up a few more gaming options for you in the process. If you do have a windows partition you wont be stuck in the "I really hope they bring this out for mac" loop that I was stuck in so long ago :)

I prefer mac for everything else but I prefer windows for gaming, no fault on apple's part for this just I think that game devs aren't used to apple coding and it might be a bit more complexed (completely my speculation, if you know the reason why I'd love to know) so they might not pick it up right away.
SQUIBBLES Feb 15, 2013 @ 7:59pm 
Thanks. Today an update came up for dungeon defenders, and i'm not sure if the patch fixed the issue, but now i'm able to play the game on steam. I am familiar with the bootcamp method now, and will probably do that soon, but with the release of linux on steam, i hope game devs, will find that there is a core audience on both platforms that they need to support so that they can make more money for their games. Your post was VERY helpful for future reference, and i can't wait to try this so I may run more games on my mac. Once again thank you for your answer.
Ninjaritus Feb 15, 2013 @ 10:05pm 
Anytime, I'm glad i could be of help in some way. I am also glad that i could increase your gaming repertoire.

I was flirting with the idea of making a partition for ages before i actually did it. What finally made me do it was that I really wanted to play dungeons defenders lol.

Good luck!
Just to be safe if you do make a partition back up before hand. Rather safe than sorry! :D
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