Ajay Jan 30, 2013 @ 10:40pm
Helpless to hacked stuff and their shops?
Hey guys, i was reading a bit trough trendy forum and found taht it doesnt matter what gear you get , hacked or not, as long as it looks legit. Ofc a mythical armor with everything on 800 is hacked but try an ulti+ item that has all tower stats nearly on 650 it works. No way how to tell if something is hacked or not, iam just telling how frustrating it is to know that there is no way to get these hacker and cheater, even the report funktion seems not to funktion. I see the same Paypal, game , usd seller everyday and iam doing the ♥♥♥♥ and taking screeens against him but it looks like a neverending work. Some of you are going to tell me now ask the trendy forum if its hacked or not, the guys there are really nice but they use their experience to tell if something is hacked or not. I showed them 10 items and they said 5 of them are hacked, so 50% of my Kingsgame loot that i actually farmed there was hacked... you know waht i mean right? When you get a high end ulti or ulti + item the guys say instant its a hacked one because it has nearly no negative stats and boosts hero or tower stats right to 500 with 333 ups left. So they arent a big help either. I thought of its better to let everybody trade gear for games or usd but after a few moments i saw in my inner eye how every crap they sell would only sold when you buy them games like Skyrim or other 40 bucks games like:
Hey you wanna buy this mythical set that gives you 900 points to each tower stats? Yeha good i prefer Crono trigger for SNES send it to my via DHL or Hermes or wathever ^^. Iam just a bit frustratet cause i llike this game like we all do here in the forum but for me it could be an easy way to hack everything, why you ask? cause i just played 500 hours but i know where is the cap for trans ulti and + , ++ i know how big things can be, and most hackers seem to have this problem right? maybe its a bit harder for them to hack. when we where allowed to post this hackers on this forum so everyone can punish them and nows their steam account? or we all should just begin to make USD shops so everyone gets the chance to do it. Whats your opinion here?
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Squashatron Jan 31, 2013 @ 6:54pm 
Yeah, I agree and there are smarter hackers that hack to internal file of the item so it doesnt show up on there player!
KittenCanaveral Feb 1, 2013 @ 12:42pm 
that bothers me a bit as a player is the one who suffers from picking up a hacked item, it would be nice if trendy had a bot that could join stores every now and then and checkfor hacked items.
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