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Unbekannter Jan 7, 2013 @ 10:00pm
OMG I LOVE THIS GAME!!! ..here's why!
OK, I have been obsessing over this game ever since I got it. I'm now over 200 hours in and have done some kewl ♥♥♥♥. I cannot stress enough how awesome this game is. If you like hack 'n slash, and/or tower defence, then you will probably LOVE this. :D Tip, though... only play ranked, if you want the near-guarantee to play with people of whom possess a level of gaming integrity. :P

Just a random rundown:

Plus points:

1. Often very innovative.
2. Feature rich, with plenty of classes, maps, modes, items, and more.
3. Awesome longevity.
4. Lovely graphics, albeit mainly focusing on relatively intense Post Processing. xD
5. Great for those wanting more strategy, more action, or a blend of both.
6. The majority of the ranked community are awesome. There's a lot of wonderful players out there!
7. The game has a brilliant progression system, with which doors are constantly opening, allowing you to do even more new and fun things!
8. The game has a LOT of DLC, most of which I have tried/seen and I personally love.

Negative points:

1. Achievement bugs.
2. Some other random but rare bugs, those of which rarely are game-breaking.
3. The leveling/item system can be confusing to others. Even though I think it's ridiculously simple, and straightforward, it couldn't hurt to improve on the tutorial or allow for the UI to be more descriptive, perhaps with more tooltips.
4. It's too addictive...
5. The moderation abilities need some work, but are otherwise functional.

Probably loads more points on either side, but that's all for now!

What do you guys think?
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Rahlence Jan 8, 2013 @ 12:36am 
I love the game...I would never have come back to it after a 7 month break if I didn't. It's just sad that they have mostly abandonned it fr their new projects instead of fixing the remaining bugs/balance issues.

Here's what I think about the game.[forums.trendyent.com]
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