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~2k+stats. what's next in progression?
So I recently got back into dungeon defenders after quite a long break (6-7 months). There are so many more levels, that I'm not really sure what to do next. I recently started doing insane HC tavern defense to start farming for trans gear, but here, let me tell you my stats:

Wall Gear: ~2.1k (there's room for growth here upgrade wise)
Tower Damage gear: ~1k/~2.1k~/~1.1k/900
Aura Monk <1k for everything
Summoner ~1k/~1.3k/xxxx/xxxx

DPS Character:
Huntress with mythical retribution, full zamira, and robot pet @ 2.1mil dps on target dummy

I guess the main thing to do would be to get new gear, so, I noticed trans items have a chance of being a reward for insane hc tavern defense, but in the past, sv always seems to be the better route for gear. NOTE: I haven't beat Aquanos on nm yet, so I can't do aqua sv yet.

Any suggestions would be great! Really appreciate it! Thanks!

EDIT: The last SV i did was moraggo, before aquanos came out, so that's about where I am.

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Cheddington Jan 2, 2013 @ 3:48am 
with your stats you can start on mistymire on nightmare hardcore survival, you will not finish it but hopefully you can progress far enough for high end myth gear.

if not then try throne rooms on nightmare hardcore.

do you have a series ev? it would be a good idea to level one up, if not then it is not the end of the world. but that does mean that throne rooms or alchemical laboratories/magus quarters is probably your best bet.

waht is your tower damage guy? the squire or the apprentice or both?
do you have a trap huntress yet?
Vasco Da Gamer Jan 2, 2013 @ 6:13am 
i don't have an EV but have seriously been considering getting one (buying the dlc)

I have a 75 squire and 81 app, so i've been switching off with both for tower damage depending on level/my mood =P

I could easily throw some gear on my huntress to make her a traptress. afterall, I'll be doing sv as the main builder. (wouldn't need her as the dpser)

Cheddington Jan 2, 2013 @ 10:54am 
well now is the time, you only have a few hours left unti lthe humble bundle is over, DD is on it with all DLC.

and give those maps a go. :D
Vasco Da Gamer Jan 3, 2013 @ 10:37am 
got the EV dlc, gonna level 'em and try that out. ched, you seem to know a lot about stats/leveling/this game. you should put together a stat/progression guide!
Cheddington Jan 3, 2013 @ 11:15am 
haha, thank you, i could very well make a guide, but i believe others have made guides already and i would basically be repeating what they are saying eg:

breaking into nightmare:

good general guide:
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