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Am7b5 Dec 29, 2012 @ 3:03pm
What order to do things in?
Me and my boyfriend play Apprentice and Monk. We're both lvl 70 tower builds. So far we've beaten the campaign on Medium and Hard, done a few of the easier challenges but now we're stuck as to what to do next.

We keep trying some of the challenges and DLC levels but end up failing every time, even some of the ones suggested as being level 35!! Levels like the turkey one, Djinn, the 2nd warping core level and the first level of the Lost Eternia shards content (F%&^$& spiders!) we're just finding really difficult.

Granted, our equipment could use some upgrading.

Out of all the content there is though... what would you say is the best order to do things in? (E.g. Medium Campaign -> Hard campaign -> Insane -> *insert challenge here* etc.

Is there a preferred order?

Not sure what my bfs are, but at lvl 70, my stats are about 100-110 into all the tower stats on Monk (except radius which is about 70) and then about 30-40 in Hero stats with a good weapon and pet (except Speed which is about 70)

Is this considered low, high or average for someone at level 70?
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Cheddington Dec 29, 2012 @ 5:04pm 
since you have completed the capaign on hard, the logical step is to move onto trying to complete it on insane, and to also consider levelling some other characters up. the different types of towers you have will help alot.

i would then attempt some survival mode on insane hardcore for better gear (the common levels would be alchemical labs, throne room, endless spires and glitterhelm). if you mange to complete any of these be sure to look out for the high end godly gear to low end mythical gear. this will help out a lot.

now for some weapons: you can get a really powerful apprentice weapon from the challenge raining goblins on nightmare hardcore. for this i recommend a squire at least level 60, with decent godly gear geared towards towers.

the strategy is to surrond the crystal with bouncer blockades.

and for the monk you should try ogre crush on nightmare hardcore, for this i recommend at least a level 60 mage with decent gear, place max 2 Magic blockades for the front and 1 each for the remaining 4 chokes. then have around 2 magics missles and 2 fireball towers each choke. the rest of the du can be used on something else (another magic missle up front).

i would equip a huntress guardian or a apprentice guardian ensure the guardians can boost 5 towers, this is the easiest challenge to do solo. ensure the magic missles and fireball towers are far away from the magic blockades so that the ogres do not attack them.

note that the weapons are easy to get but the gear requires a bit of patiences and time, ie you'll have to farm a bit. with your high end godly/mythical gear you should be able to start on the nightmare campaign as well as being able to successfully complete some of the challenges.

if you want to try the turkey hunt challenge i would recommend a huntress with an aoe weapon such as the crystal tracker, this makes the challenge alot easier, or if you can make a mana bomb apprentice/ adept you can clear the challenge super fast as with a really high mana bomb/purity bomb you can clear 90% of the map instantly.

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Cel Dec 29, 2012 @ 5:57pm 
Add me on steam and I'll see if I can help you and your boyfriend out.
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