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Easiest class to play
I bought my little sister this game so we can play together, (i got an extra copy from humble bundle 7) but i was wondering what would be the easiest class for her to play. she has little to no experience with games like this. i have a summoner and apprentice, and i was thinking maybe the class she plays could compliment either of those.
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Ste5e Dec 19, 2012 @ 2:05pm 
It depends on whether or not she wants to hack and slash things, or watch things die in pain.

For someone with a summoner/apprentice already started up, you will eventually need either a trapper or an debuffer. The Monk is nice because his snare aura, strength drain and lightning aura are very useful throughout the entire game. His two abilities are also very useful in pinches (tower buff, hero buff), and he can use ranged/melee combat.

Also keep in mind that Strength Drain removes magic immunity, so that complements apprentices very well.

My advice is to let her try things out on her own. Eventually you will all have one of each character.
Cheddington Dec 19, 2012 @ 4:08pm 
one of the easiest and most common classes to start with is the squire, high hp for hero and towers, he can hack and slash, and compliment your mage and summoner towers with his high hp blockades.

for the beginning of the game anyways, later on moving to nightmare the squire will change to that of an offensive class, and his harpoon turret will be most commonly used.
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