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Food and such Dec 8, 2012 @ 11:38pm
just starting

i'm just starting to play DD - any advice for a new player? i'm starting as a squire. I cant seem to get into any online games though - are there not a lot of low level players?
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Cheddington Dec 9, 2012 @ 4:35am 
you might be interested in the following post:

also my advice to new players is to just enjoy the game, start your own game get people in and make friends.depending on what mode you choose (ranked or open), ranked normally has a handful of low level games and the rest are medium level games-high level.

take this opportunity to learn the basics as you progress through the game, dont worry about messing up you character you can respec your character anytime by paying mana to the tavern keep, and the gear you pick up now will most likely change regularly, until you reach mythical level.

do not sell your tf2 pets, portal gun or parent weapons for cheap as you can only get one of them. (same goes for your mk2 portal gun and companion cube)

turn camera shake off (after awhile it gets annoying lol)
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just play every level to your own liking, there's no real beginners guide. create some characters, play the levels, explore the game and try to understand it.

i don't think there are a lot of low levels. anyway that depends on what you think is a low level.
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