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Huntress' role?
I'm trying to figure out what the huntress is really supposed to be used for...

I mean..I get the other classes.

Apprentice is great for high damage AOE towers...with the caveat that they're all elemental. But he's also got a lot of stuff that make him interesting as a DPS guy (multiple projectiles, an AOE high knockback alt fire, and Mana Bomb).

Squire seems like a straight up DPS guy with barrier tower focus.........Until I found out Harpoon was one of THE best towers in the game (no element, high damage, pierces, etc)

Monk seems straight up DPS, with both range and melee, and useful support skills to boot. His towrs don't seem especially powerful..but they look like they can be useful in some situations.

..and the huntress....Umm......

ok, her projectiles are kinda strong...Oh but they are kinda slow...and you need to reload...Umm...how about her defenses? ....Yeah, they pack a punch and the gas trap is useful...But they need to be repaired constantly or else they risk vanishing....and on huge waves, it might need to be done DURING the wave....And the abilities....umm....I'm not sure what to make of them...

Granted, I haven't played with her much...What is her role and what' kind of build best suits her?
Dungeon Defenders > Общи дискусии > Подробности за темата
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